Introduction to the Culminating Undergraduate Experience

Establishing Culminating Undergraduate Experiences

In its QEP proposal to SACS-COC, the University of Louisville outlined its intention to require every undergraduate to apply critical thinking skills in a culminating undergraduate experience through its initiative Ideas to Action.

Ideas to Action (i2a) is designed to strengthen undergraduate education by improving instruction in critical thinking in the general education courses and the majors and to provide all undergraduates with the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills in a culminating undergraduate experience (CUE) such as a capstone course, service learning project, research project, internship, practicum or other activity. The overall purpose of this component of the University of Louisville undergraduate experience is to explore and demonstrate the connections between well cultivated critical thinking and its application in the CUE experience. CUE assessment tools are available for instructor, program, and departmental use. They include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Members of the i2a Task Group largely make up the CUE subcommittee whose goal is to guide the development of the CUE across the curriculum. Members of the CUE subcommittee for 2012-2013 include:

  • Alan Attaway, College of Business
  • Karen Black, School of Nursing
  • Henry Cunningham, Office of Community Engagement
  • Stuart Esrock, Arts and Sciences
  • Pamela Feldhoff, Office of Research
  • Jim Graham, Speed School of Engineering
  • Michael Losavio, Speed School of Engineering
  • Kira Taylor, School of Public Health
  • Nancy Theriot, Arts & Sciences
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