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Success Story 5

Highlighting the successes of our University employees who have championed their health while engaging in programs and initiatives hosted by Get Healthy Now. They are living their lives with energy & vitality!

 Success Stories

Please note: Stories highlighted on this web page and all photos and statistics have been used with the permission of the participants.  They have shared their success here in order to encourage GHN participants to become their own success story.  Comparison is the thief of contentment; inspiration is the spark.  Live your life inspired, become your own success story!

Matt and Brenda

In 2009, Brenda and Matt both started working for UofL, and immediately joined the Get Healthy Now program.  Over the next year, with the help of their empowered health coaches, they started to better understand concepts like nutrition and fitness. But for Matt, it still was not fully clicking. He was at Holiday World  in the summer of 2010 when he hit rock bottom. Unable to go on a children’s ride with his son, Matt decided in that moment that he was not going to miss out on anything with his kids because of his weight

On Labor Day 2010, Brenda and Matt started a complete lifestyle change. A family member had been successful with the "P90X" workouts, so Matt & Brenda decided to decided to start that fitness training program, too. The intense workouts are what this program is famous for, but there is a comprehensive nutritional component to the program as well. With a new-found dedication to this program, both Matt and Brenda remember being extremely sore during this time, but they took rest days, focused on their goals, and held each other accountable.  In retrospect, "it was completely worth it," they said.

Equally important as the workouts, this dynamic duo started noticing significant changes when they cleaned up their eating habits.  With the help of GHN, they immediately cut out soda and refined sugars, and with many baby steps, today they now practice a whole-foods, plant-based diet.  

"It" finally clicked for this committed pair in 2010.  This is not a diet or a fitness routine, this is a complete lifestyle change, and because of it, they have passed on healthy eating and lifestyle habits to their two boys.  As Matt says, "If I lead by example, maybe my children will not ever have to deal with the challenges of an unhealthy lifestyle."

To this day, Brenda and Matt wake up at 4:00 AM to complete one of their workouts. They have a variety of options to choose from, like P90X, Insanity, Asylum, Crossfit, TRX, etc., which helps keep physical activity fun and engaging. Congratulations to Matt and Brenda for investing in a healthy future for themselves and their family!!! We are so proud to share your story and offer programs that encourage UofL employees.

If you're reading this and ready for change, we encourage you to take the leap to REV UP YOUR RESOLUTIONS for the new year and kick off a healthy lifestyle! Let Get Healthy Now help you along the way.


Matt and Brenda


Statistic Brenda Matt
Weight Lost
67 lbs.
104 lbs.
Pant Size:
16 to an 8
44 to a 32
Shirt Size:
XL to M
XXL to Med
Blood Pressure:
n/a from 123/95 to 109/68
Total Cholesterol
149 to 99
HDL n/a 31 to 38
LDL n/a 80 to 55
Triglycerides n/a 170 to 66
Resting Heart Rate
n/a 79 bpm to 53 bpm
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