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Success Story 4

Highlighting the success of University employees who have championed their health while engaging in Get Healthy Now programs.

Please note: All stories, photos and statistics have been used with the permission of the participant.  They have shared their success here in order to encourage GHN participants to become their own success story


 Tom Blackburn, Professor of Law at the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law says:

“I am enthusiastic about what the Wellness Coaching Internship program has done (and is doing) for me. My wellness coach intern, Sumit Gupta, created a powerful partnership, where I was able to achieve more than I could have achieved alone.”

“I can tell you that I made a lot of progress in my first experience with Wellness Coaching:  

  • I lost more than 12 pounds,
  • I dropped my body fat percentage about two percent,
  • And more importantly, I developed much better exercise and eating habits.  

On April 16th, 2011, I completed a 71 mile bicycle ride, the Red Bud Ride, under difficult conditions.  I am very proud of that accomplishment.”

“As well, my wife (Rosemary) was motivated to improve her eating and exercise habits because of the progress I was making in the Wellness Coaching program.  Sumit offered to let her join our program, but she preferred to participate from a distance - she rode the 30 mile route of the Redbud Ride and that was probably a greater accomplishment for her than my ride of the 71 mile course was for me.” 

“Thank you for letting me participate—I benefited a lot from the experience and appreciate the personal, professional, and effective attention that I received from Sumit.”

“This is PART 1, because I am continuing the wellness coaching process and there will definitely be PART 2.”

Congratulations, Tom!!

Become your own success story, sign up for Wellness Coaching or participate in other Wellness Opportunities offered through Get Healthy Now!

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