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Success Story 2

Highlighting the successes of our University employees who have championed their health while engaging in programs and initiatives hosted by Get Healthy Now. They are living their lives with energy & vitality!

Success Stories

Please note: Stories highlighted on this web page and all photos and statistics have been used with the permission of the participants.  They have shared their success here in order to encourage GHN participants to become their own success story.  Comparison is the thief of contentment; inspiration is the spark.  Live your life inspired, become your own success story!

Amber Duke’s Success Story

Get Healthy Now programs helped me take off more than 50 pounds in a year!  I started with Move It To Lose It.  Before the class, I had no idea how much I weighed, what and how much I should be eating, and my level of physical activity was very low.  Writing in my food journal left me amazed at how much food I was consuming.  I didn’t spend time at the gym, but I thought the walking I did on campus was enough exercise.  Then I started wearing my pedometer and realized that I was barely taking more than 1,000 steps a day!  The Get Healthy Now team helped me set realistic goals, and soon the weight started coming off. 

I continued my weight loss with the help of the Weigh to Go class which includes weekly weigh-ins and discussions that helped me stay on track.  Now that I’m back down to a healthy weight, healthy eating and physical activity are a part of my normal routine.   I decided to challenge myself to join the Running Club to train for the 2011 Derby Festival mini-marathon.   Now I’m running 5 miles without batting an eye! 

You can change your life in a relatively short amount of time and have long-term success without spending money on expensive “quick fix” diets and the Get Healthy Now team is there to support you along the way!


To showcase Amber's success, here are her before and after photos:

 amber b&a


 Amber's Statistics*:  

Pounds Lost:


Body Fat % Lost:


*Between Jan 2010-December 2010


Congratulations, Amber!

Become your own success story, sign up for upcoming Wellness Opportunities offered through Get Healthy Now!

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