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Get Healthy Now FAQs


What is Get Healthy Now?

Get Healthy Now is the University of Louisville's award winning health management program. Our goal is to promote health and wellness by providing University employees with resources and support to champion their health.

How does Get Healthy Now participation work?

Participants enroll each year during Open Enrollment by taking a health risk assessment administered online by Health Fitness Corp. (HFC), a third-party health management program vendor.

Based on the information you provide, the health risk assessment indicates whether you are at risk for such diseases as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. If it indicates a moderate to high health risk, you are required to enroll in the Empowered Health Coaching program with HFC. Coaching is conducted via telephone or secure message board.

When do I have to enroll?

Participants enroll each fall during benefits open enrollment. All participants who elect health insurance through UofL must take the HRA annually.  New hires are required to enroll within their first 45 days of their hire date. If they choose not to do so then, they must wait until the next benefits open enrollment period in the fall.

Who is eligible for Get Healthy Now?

•    UofL employees who participate in the University health plan, and their spouse or qualifying adult

•    UofL employees who do not participate in the University health plan, and their spouse or qualifying adult

•    UofL retirees who participate in the University health plan, and their spouse or qualifying adult

Quick Reference Guide
Get Healthy Now (GHN) Program:
HR Administrative Office: 852-1907
Fitness Facility: 852-7755
Health Fitness (GHN-Vendor Partner)
Empowered Health Coaching Program:
1-800-670 4316
General Questions: 1-800-670-4316
Health Fitness Web Log-In:
Email Service Account: Get Healthy Now

What is a "Qualifying Adult"?

A Qualifying Adult is someone who:

•    Is over 18 years of age, and

•    Is not be eligible for Medicare, and

•    If a blood relative (or relative by adoption or marriage) is of the same or younger generation of the employee (as used in KRS 391.010), and

•    Is residing in the employee's household and has done so for a period of at least 12 months, and

•    Is financially interdependent (for example, have joint checking account or joint mortgage) for 12 months or longer, and

•    Is unmarried.

Someone from Health Fitness Corporation (HFC) called me about my health risk assessment. What do I have to do?

Take the Health Advisory call from HFC and review the results of your Health Risk Assessment. At that time, program guidelines will be explained to you.

One incentive for participation in Get Healthy Now is a $40 premium incentive refund on the monthly cost of an employees' health insurance coverage. If your health risk assessment indicates a moderate to high health risk, you are required enroll in the empowered health coaching program with HFC and maintain monthly contact with your dedicated HFC health coach to maintain the premium incentive refund.

If your health risk assessment does not indicate a moderate to high risk, you do not have to enroll in an HFC lifestyle management program, but you may enroll in one to help you stay on track or ward off behaviors that could lead to a higher risk to good health.

What happens if I have a health risk assessment that indicates moderate to high risk of a health problem, but I do not enroll in the empowered health coaching program and choose not to work with a Health Fitness Corp. coach via telephone or e-mail?

Because this is the qualifying criteria for receiving the premium incentive, you would not receive a $40 monthly premium incentive refund ($480/yr).

Is the information I submit for the health risk assessment and anything I tell a health coach kept confidential?

All personal health data collected for Get Healthy Now, regardless of how you submit it or to whom, is completely confidential.

What is the health risk assessment?

The health risk assessment is a questionnaire about your current health, including such things as stress level, food choices and physical activity, as well as biometric information, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Taking into account all of the self-disclosed information, the HRA assesses your current risk to good health.

Why do I have to take the Health Fitness Corp. health risk assessment?

The health risk assessment is the entry point for the Get Healthy Now program. The assessment provides you with a current snapshot of your health risks based on your responses to help you identify areas in which you should or would like to make changes.

When will I receive results of the health risk assessment?

A summary of your results is provided immediately after you complete the assessment. This is for your benefit, however, it does not replace the telephone call from a Health Fitness Corp. representative.

Can pregnant or nursing women participate in the health risk assessments?


How can I track my progress?

Through the Health Fitness Corporation website. The site also is where you access educational resources, various assessments, and communicate with your health coach.

I've seen announcements in UofL Today about Get Healthy Now programs, initiatives and facilities on campus. What are they?

The annual completion of the Health Risk Assessment, accepting the Health Advisory call, and monthly participation in the Empowered Health Coaching program are the core components required for participation in Get Healthy Now and may be required in order to receive the premium incentive.  However, in addition to these components, there are supplemental on-site programs for University employees to access.  Among the program's campus resources are:

  • Employee dedicated Fitness facility in Crawford Gym with strength training and cardio equipment
  • Exercise classes, including: Bootcamp, water fitness, yoga and pilates, ZUMBA!, etc.
  • Wellness Classes, including: Weight management, stress management, smoking cessation, and more!
  • Walking and running clubs
  • Incentive programs to help participants get active and make healthy choices
  • Wellness coaching, for individuals, groups, or families

What do I have to do to take part in campus Get Healthy Now programs?

Eligibility varies. Some programs are open only to people who are enrolled in Get Healthy Now. Others are open to the entire campus community. Each program description will indicate which is the case and how to enroll.  Find out more about our wellness opportunities

What do I have to do to use campus Get Healthy Now facilities?

The Get Healthy Now campus fitness facility is open only to employees who have enrolled in the Get Healthy Now program. To use the facility, call 852-7755 to schedule an appointment for a fitness evaluation with a fitness trainer and complete the required waiver.

How do I know if I am receiving the premium incentive?

The $40 monthly premium incentive for participation starts at the beginning of each calendar year.  To confirm you are receiving the incentive, log-in to U-Link and review your paycheck.

  • You will find the premium incentive reflected in the "Before-Tax Deductions" (far left-hand column) of your paycheck.  It will read "GHN Incntv" - $40 (monthly) or 'GHN Incntv" -$20 (bi-weekly).

In order to maintain the premium incentive through-out the calendar year, you may need to work with a health coach (on a monthly basis).   To determine your required level of participation in program, call 1-800-670-4316 and ask to speak to a health advisor or coach.

Who do I contact if I determine the premium incentive is not reflected on my monthly pay stub?

Call 1-800-670-4316 to confirm that you are an ‘active participant’ of the Get Healthy Now program.   You may have defaulted to an ‘inactive status’ and may need to re-engage in the program. Once you have confirmed your participation status, e-mail or call Get Healthy Now Administrative office at #852-1907 for additional support, if necessary.

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