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Elder Care Workshops Digital Archive

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By clicking on the links below, individuals can watch previously recorded sessions of the Elder Care Workshops. These digital archives are available thanks to generous sponsorship from the Commission on the Status of Women.


May 2011: Broad Introduction: Social and Medical Issues (presented by Jane Thibault, Ph.D and Sarah Trester)

June 2011: Community Resources for Elders Staying at Home (presented by Harriette Friedlander, MSW)

July 2011: Polypharmacy: The Silent Epidemic (Demetra Antimisiaris, PharmD, CGP, FASCP)
additional resources referenced: presentation (PDF) and medical history card

August 2011: Dangerous Drugs in the Elderly:  How every day drugs can harm elders (Demetra Antimisiaris, PharmD, CGP, FASCP)
additional resources referenced: presentation (PDF)

September 2011:  How to Hire Help at Home: Considerations and Costs  (Presented by Joanne Whitlock, MSSW)

October 2011: Legal Considerations in Elder Care*  (Presented by Brian Borellis*, Attorney at Law)

additional resources referenced:  presentation (PDF) and handout (PDF)

November 2011:  Options and Alternatives for Long Distance Care (Presented by Tracy Thomas, Sovereign Seniors)

additional resources referenced: handouts: doc1 and  doc2 (PDF)

December 20, 2011:  Caregiver Stress & Self-Care for the Caregiver (Presented by Jane Thibault, Ph.D., Profesor Emerita)

additional resources referenced: handouts (PDF)

January 2012: Workshop cancelled due to severe weather (rescheduled for February)

February 2012: Moving Matters:  Moving to a Senior Community (Presented by Mary Romelfanger, DearWatch, Inc.)

additional resources referenced: presentation and handouts (PDF)

March 2012: Institutional Care Facilities: Skilled Nursing Facilities:  What Goes on Behind Closed Doors

(Presented by Mel Pfisters, KIPDA District Long-Term Care Ombudsmen)

additional resources referenced: presentation handouts (PDF)

April 2012:   Elder Abuse, The Hidden Crime (Program/Theory)

[presented by  UofL Family & Geriatric Medicine (James G. O’Brien, M.D.) and ElderServe, Inc. (Shannon Gadd)]

May 2012:  Controlling the Elder Care Crisis (presented by Harriette Friedlander, MSW)

additional resources referenced: UofL School of Nursing Caregivers Program (link)


*DISCLAIMER – The new rules have only been adopted by Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services in early and mid-2010 and are quite complex. It is possible that they may be changed, or interpretations may be further refined and revised by the government between now and when your particular Medicaid eligibility case is determined. It is not possible for me to assure you that the strategies described in this material will be effective in the future. It may also turn out, because of changes in the law or interpretations of existing law, that other planning strategies which you can pursue at this time may prove to be more advantageous than the strategies suggested. Thus, you should understand that although this represents a discussion of the law at this time, there is a risk that the information may be rendered ineffectual, or of limited benefit, by future legislation or interpretations. You should understand that while it is certainly prudent for you to obtain professional guidance and advice, the benefits or possible risks associated with the plan rest entirely with you.
- Brian Borellis, June 2011

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