The White Squirrel

Mission Statement:

The White Squirrel is a student-run literary arts magazine at the University of Louisville. We aim to create a welcoming community of readers and writers alike in order to foster and celebrate the creativity imagined on and around campus. Since 2008, The White Squirrel has published a new edition each semester showcasing poetry, prose, non-fiction and visual art. We accept submissions from anyone affiliated with the university including undergraduates, graduates, faculty, staff and alumni.


Upcoming Events/Open Mics:

Each semester, The White Squirrel hosts two open mic events to provide students and members of the community the opportunity to share their work in front of an attentive audience. The second event of the semester will also serve as a release party for the Fall 2014 edition of The White Squirrel, and will feature contributors from the current issue. Before the deadline, we will also host creative writing workshops for both poetry and prose. Participants will review each other's work and provide helpful feedback on editing and revisions.

    Pick up your own issue!

    Volume X, Spring 2014 is currently available at the Etscorn Honors Center, Carmichael's Bookstores, and Sunergos on S. Preston for $3. The current edition features work from Nicholas Rudolph, William Taylor, Carroll Grossman, Jenna Richards, Shelia Henk-Day, Sam Klosterman, Alan Branch, Tyler Termini, Zack Miller, Ann Parker Wood, Lauren Hannigan, Nettie Farris, Alex O'Keefe and Sara Marian.



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      Spring 2014 Editorial Board

      • Tessa Withorn, Editor-in-Chief
      • Chelsea Vaal, Layout and Design
      • Luke Buckman, Staff Advisor
      • Sydney Catinna
      • Ashley Flesher
      • Dylon Jones
      • Adam King
      • Laura Krauser
      • Tristen LaBarre
      • Robert Mudd
      • Andrew Ogg
      • Fatima Omar
      • Jack Pfeiffer
      • Hannah Rego
      • Natalie Smith
      • Sam Smith
      • Ashley Taylor
      • Addie Wilson