Payment Options

Former students, who are not currently enrolled at the University, please contact us by phone 502-852-6843, or by email, for information on available payment plans.

Payment Due Dates are determined by the student’s initial registration date.  The Amount Due by the noted Due Date is the Total Tuition and Fees (including housing and dining) LESS the student’s Anticipated Financial Aid award.

Payment Due dates are as follows:


Initial RegistrationDue Date
Summer 2016On/BEFORE April 13thMay 13, 2016
Summer 2016On/AFTER April 14thJune 10, 2016
Summer 2016 Payment Plans
Fall 2016On/BEFORE July 1stJuly 29, 2016
Fall 2016On/AFTER July 2ndAugust 26, 2016
Fall 2016 Payment Plans
Spring 2017On/BEFORE November 17thDecember 9, 2016
Spring 2017On/AFTER November 18thJanuary 13, 2017
Spring 2017 Payment Plans

NOTE:  If you register during early registration, you are required to pay all charges on your account by the Bursar Office’s due date unless you have anticipated financial aid. If your anticipated financial aid is not enough to cover all of your tuition and related fees, you will need to pay the difference by the due date. If you register during drop/add registration, you have 72 hours or three business days to settle your student account balance to avoid any potential bursar registration holds or late payment fees. Any changes to the student’s schedule after the billing date may affect the amount due for the semester. Failure to receive a statement of account will not relieve the student of responsibility to remit payment by the designated due date.  Further information regarding due dates, payment information, and payment plans is available on the Bursar's website.

Students whose accounts are not paid by the established semester payment due dates may be subject to financial penalties such as a Bursar Registration Hold.  A Bursar Registration Hold may prevent a student from registering and/or obtaining an official transcript or diploma.  When the student account is paid in full, this Bursar Registration Hold may be lifted.  If your payment is remitted via a paper or e-check, a 21 day delay must pass before the lifting of the Bursar Registration Hold.  Effective Spring 2015 a late payment fee of $100 may be assessed when student accounts are not paid by the last day to drop/add.  A student whose payment is not honored by the bank on which it was drawn may be assessed a return payment fee of $25.00. If restitution is not made within 10 days of notification, the student may be subject to course cancellation, financial penalties and/or legal action.  Additional information on the financial penalties.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: The effective withdrawal date is the date on which the withdrawal is processed in the student records system. This date is used in calculating any applicable tuition reduction. Course fees, special fees, and laboratory fees are reduced only with the 100% adjustment. Please review the tuition credit schedule.

Payment by Cash, Personal or Cashier's Check, or Money Order

The on-campus location of the Bursar's Office will process payments by cash, cashiers check, money order or personal checks.  Your payment will be reflected on your student account immediately.

You may also mail payments (DO NOT MAIL CASH) to the Bursar’s office.  Payment should be made payable to the University of Louisville and the student ID must be written in the memo section of the payment. ONLY payments made payable to the UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE or payable to University of Louisville and a Student can be processed and receipted to your account. Your payment will be processed upon receipt.

Send the payment to:

University of Louisville
Attn: Bursar's Office
Louisville, KY  40292

Refund Procedures
When a paper check or e-Check is used to pay student account charges, any resulting credit balance will have a 21 day delay in the processing.  Once the 21 day delay has passed the refund will be disbursed to the student.

Credit Card Payments, Electronic Checks (E-check or ACH)
As a convenience, student accounts can be settled using MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. Credit card and e-check payments  processed via the web site will be reflected on your student account the next business day after payment. Credit card and e-check payments CANNOT be processed at the Bursar's Office cashier window or by telephone.

There is a Non-Refundable Convenience Fee charged for each credit card transaction processed. This per transaction Convenience Fee will be displayed for your confirmation prior to completing your credit card payment.

Pay by Credit Card using the Summary of Account-Make a Payment

Why is there a fee for paying student account charges with a credit card?

The cost of providing the option to pay student account charges by credit card has increased significantly. The direct cost of service is passed on to the university from the credit card companies and is the cost of doing business via the Internet. The university does not make money from the assignment of credit card convenience fees. Students may avoid the fee by selecting one of the other payment options available. The university has other payment alternatives, such as e-check and payment plans, which makes payment less costly than using credit cards.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) may be used to pay student account charges. There is a convenience fee* charged for this automated service.  In order to remain compliant with the security requirements of our credit card merchant agreement, we are unable to process any credit card payment via telephone or in person. *Credit card convenience fees cannot be refunded as these funds go directly to an outside service provider.

Refund Procedures

If a credit card is used to pay student account charges, any resulting credit balance will be returned to the credit card that caused the overpayment.

Wire Transfer Payments
NOTE: This information is for student account payments only.

Bank: PNC Bank
Account Name: University of Louisville Tuition
Account#: 4212851948
ABA#: 041000124 (Use for both Fed Wire and ACH)
Swift Code: PNCCUS33 (For International Wires ONLY)
REF: Reference information should include the word tuition in addition to student ID# and Last Name, First Name (ex: Tuition-xxxxxxx-Name+LastName)

NOTE: For ACH transfers, this is a CHECKING ACCOUNT.

The University receives many wires and ACH (Automated Clearing House, a.k.a. direct deposits) transactions every day. We are completely dependent upon the information included in the transaction for identifying the purpose and recipient of the funds; neither our bank, nor the Assistant Treasurer's Office receive any other information about the transaction. If you do not know the student ID#, please contact the Bursar's Office by email or call 852-6503 prior to sending the transaction.

The sender should notify the Bursar's Office by email when funds have been transferred. Please direct any questions to:

Senior Citizen Tuition Remission
The University offers tuition remission to individuals who are classified by admissions as residents of Kentucky and are at least 65 years of age on, or before, the first day of classes for the semester. Special costs, such as course fees and parking, are not covered by this program and are the financial responsibility of the student. Proof of age may be shown by presenting a Kentucky driver’s license or other age verification document such as a Kentucky issued photo ID at the Bursar's Office.

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