Gin Presley

Regina Presley

Gin Presley's curriculum vitae [PDF]

Educational Background

  • MS, in Sport Administration, University of Northern Colorado
  • BA, Sport Industry Operations, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Teaching Areas

  • Introduction to Sport Management, (2013 to present)
  • Senior Seminar, (2013 to present)
  • Career Development, (2013 to present)
  • Sport Governance, (2013- present)
  • Internship Supervision (2013- present)
  • SPAD Hospitality Instructor/Coordinator PGA Championship 2014 Tour, Valhalla Golf Club

Professional Activities and Memberships

  • University of Louisville 2nd Year Initiatives Committee (2013)
  • University of Louisville SPAD Masters Admissions Committee (2013)
  • Title III Grant Committee (2013)
  • MSU Curriculum Coordinator, COSMA Accreditation, HPS Department (2012)
  • Atherton High School Site Based Decision Making Council Member (2013-2014)
  • Volunteer Coach, Girls on the Run of Louisville, 2013


  • Presley, Regina, G. (2013). Sport on a Mission:An analysis of values in Sport Organization Missions, University of Louisville (in progress).
  • Presley, Regina, G. (2012). Utilizing Technologies for School-Specific Advising Assessment, Metropolitan State College of Denver (in progress).
  • Murphy, A., & Presley, R. (2012) Online Advising Course: Leveraging Technology in Advising to Minimize the Impact of Budget Cuts, Metropolitan State College of Denver (in progress).
  • Presley, Regina, G. (2010). Redefining Ethics in Sport Management: A Comparison of Models of Moral Development.
  • Presley, Regina, G. (2010). Hazing in Society: A Need for Social Change.