The Center for Economic Education

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The Center for Economic Education was founded along with the Kentucky Council on Economic Education at the University of Louisville in 1974 by Dr. Jack Morgan.

CEE is home to the Journal of Student Financial Aid (JSFA).

Center Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Center is to address social, economic, and educational inequity by providing training about personal finance; analyzing the economics of education, especially postsecondary education; and conducting original research related to personal finance and the economics of education. Our chief goal is to promote social mobility through personal finance and educational attainment. Specific objectives include:

  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills of personal finance for K-12 educators, college students, college administrators, and working adults;
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research on topics pertaining to higher education finance and affordability;
  • Facilitating workshops for employees in higher education on the topic of personal finance;
  • Hosting an annual conference on personal finance and financial wellness for higher education administrators who work with college students;
  • Explicitly connecting research to practice by using empirically-supported evidence to shape Center-developed initiatives.