Progress Toward 2010 Goals

  • Annual cohort brochure detailing annual statistics reporting percentage of women and persons of color by unit (target:  March for Women’s history month);
  • Draft plan for mentoring (Developed by Mordean Taylor-Archer & Vicki Hines-Martin and will be shared with Beth Boehm and COSW for feedback) ;
  • Complete a PeopleSoft customization to enable data collection for disaggregation and reporting of gender in search committees’ composition (completed);
  • Train Supervisors and Administrators (UBM training is happening now);
  • Monitor RIFS (VP HR is now approving every RIF);
  • Review exit surveys (did meet but response rate was too low);
  • Annual compensation Audit for Affirmative Action Purposes (completed by HR);
  • Stopping of the Tenure Clock policy submitted (submitted to Great Places to Work December 2009);
  • Take Human Resources Salary Administration Group recommendations to BOT (target: Feb or March BOT meeting);
  • Gather data on barriers to women to becoming full professors (Held one dinner meeting in 2009 & lunch meeting with Provost scheduled 2/8/10);
  • Monitor how women are portrayed in U of L publications by being on new formed editorial board (sent communications our representative) ;
  • Conduct a updated campus survey on safety perception and experiences of violence (survey to go out next week);
  • Conduct a campus climate survey of students, faculty and staff (students- Jan; Faculty & staff- March);
  • Suggest an addition to the scorecard regarding campus climate issues (completed).
  • Develop a Diversity Accountability Measure to monitor percentage of women in units and to track goals and timelines for meeting goals (developed by Mordean Taylor-Archer, currently being reviewed by Bob Goldstein).
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