Nursing Room Locations on Campus

NOTICE: While central administration is preparing to make a broad base appeal to university units to identify spaces that can be available to nursing mothers, we have identified the following rooms as available options at this time.

  1. Duthie Center for Engineering ‑ Interview room
    Contact person:  Mary Mills   ‑ 852‑0468
  2. Shumaker Research Building ‑ Conference Room 138
    Contact person:  Jamie Gordon - 852‑1640
  3. Stevenson ‑ Testing room in Disability Resource Center
    Contact person:  Kathy Patus ‑ 852‑6938
  4. Administrative Annex ‑ Women Center
    Contact person:  Valerie Casey ‑  852‑8976
  5. School of Law
    Contact person:  Rita Siegwald - 852-6361
  6. Grawemeyer Hall ‑ 2nd Floor Lounge/restroom
    Contact person:  None
  7. School of Nursing (K-Wing) HSC
    Contact person:  Karen Utley ‑  852-5825
  8. College of Business - Room 005
    Contact person:  first come, first served
  9. Dental School - The Dental School is under construction but a space will be available on the 2nd floor after construction is completed.
    Contact person:  (to be announced)
  10. College of Education - Room 253B
    Contact person(s):  Desrie Nesbitt  ‑  852-6593 or   Wanda Wolcott   ‑  852-0596
  11. School of Public Health and Information Sciences - Room 026.  HSC
    Contact person:  There is a sign up sheet on the door.