Vision Statement & Goals

Vision Statement

The university offers institutional support so that each woman can achieve her goals. Diverse women are at every table, at every level, influencing every endeavor undertaken at UofL.


  1. Maintenance of a safe campus environment. As the University of Louisville campuses continue to grow, COSW supports and encourages a concomitant increase in measures to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff. We encourage the following measures: (1) support the Department of Public Safety and the ongoing efforts to increase the number of officers, salaries and improve officer retention at UofL; (2) continue the support and expansion of the Women’s Center’s Prevention, Education, and Advocacy on Campus (PEACC) program, including provision of adequate staff and facilities; and (3) work to establish mandatory sexual harassment prevention training for all students and employees.
  2. Establishment of methods to improve the recruitment and retention of women at all position levels at the University of Louisville. The 1994 Task Force Report on the Status of Women emphasized the need to improve recruitment and retention of women at the university. This issue continues to be of concern to the COSW and will be addressed by the following actions: (1) develop a standard protocol for the identification of woman and minority candidates for open positions at all levels, and (2) establish programs for career development for women staff and faculty and advocate mentoring women employees at the university at all levels.
  3. Support integration of work and family at the University of Louisville. COSW places the maintenance of an environment supportive of the needs of students, staff and faculty to integrate work with family responsibilities as a high priority. To this end, COSW will (1) continue to play an active role in the ongoing plans to establish child care services for University of Louisville students and employees; (2) promote the establishment of standard university policies/practices on work leave related to family and promote equity in benefits programs for all employees; (3) establish an ongoing program of workshops on issues related to the successful balance of work and family; and (4) promote the administration’s continued support of the Women’s Center and LGBT programs, including the provision of adequate staff and facilities.