UofL's Vision for Diversity

The University of Louisville strives to foster and sustain an environment of inclusiveness that empowers us all to achieve our highest potential without fear of prejudice or bias. We commit ourselves to building an exemplary educational community that offers a nurturing and challenging intellectual climate, a respect for the spectrum of human diversity, and a genuine understanding of the many differences-including race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and religion-that enrich a vibrant metropolitan research university.

We expect every member of our academic family to embrace the underlying values of this vision and to demonstrate a strong commitment to attracting, retaining, and supporting students, faculty, and staff who reflect the diversity of our larger society.

Explore resources for engaging in anti-racism work and practicing solidarity.

One Million Truths

Racism and Health

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Self-Care for People of Color 

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UofL Resources for Students of Color

UofL Recognized Student Organizations Supporting or Focused on Student of Color 

UofL  Culture Center

UofL  AntiRacism