Fall 2018 Newsletter


  1. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor to deliver 12th annual Anne Braden Memorial Lecture
  2. Events calendar
  3. #Spiritof68
  4. Meet Our Students
  5. Faculty Profile
  6. Director's Note
  7. Faculty Affiliates and Community Council Members

Fall 2017 Newsletter


  1. Rhonda Williams to deliver 11th annual Anne Braden Memorial Lecture
  2. In Search of Kentucky's Queer Past by Cate Fosl
  3. Director’s Note by Cherie Dawson Edwards
  4. Meet Our Students
  5. Get on the Bus!
  6. Funds for Fall - Donate to ABI
  7. Events Calendar 

Angela Davis

Fall 2016 Newsletter


  1. Angela Davis to deliver 10th annual Anne Braden Memorial Lecture
  2. Speaking Up for “The Other America” Dionne Griffhs, Program Coordinator
  3. Director’s Note Cate Fosl
  4. lack Freedom, White Allies, Red Scare goes digital
  5. Meet our students
  6. Welcome to our fist Faculty Research Fellow, Dr. Dawson-Edwards
  7. 10x10 for 10 Celebrating 10 years of social justice research and action
  8. Events calendar
carol anderson

Fall 2015 Newsletter


  1. Historian Carol Anderson to discuss white rage at 9th Annual Braden Lecture
  2. Events calendar
  3. Director’s Note
  4. Meet our new program coordinator and student team
  5. Black Freedom, White Allies, Red Scare digitization
  6. Reflection essay from former GA
john e powell

Fall 2014 Newsletter


  1. Legal scholar john a. powell to discuss Freedom Summer, Ferguson at 8th Annual Braden Lecture
  2. Making Louisville a “Home for Us All” focus group and action updates
  3. Wade-Braden 60th anniversary exhibit
  4. New staff and student team
  5. Director’s note
  6. Fall Events Calendar Insert
khalil muhammad

Fall 2013 Newsletter


  1. Khalil Gibran Muhammad to deliver 7th Annual Braden Memorial Lecturekhalilmuhammad9-high res
  2. 60th Anniversary of the Wade home purchase and Carl Braden’s sedition trial
  3. A summer of history tours and housing action
  4. New collaborations on the horizon for the ABI
  5. Meet our new program coordinator and acting director
  6. Volunteers needed
robin kelley

Fall 2012 Newsletter


  1. Robin D.G. Kelley to Deliver 6th Annual Braden Memorial Lecture
  2. Healing History Academy Participants Graduate
  3. Fair Housing Research Project Underway
  4. Civil Rights Tour Brochure Revised, Re-Released
michelle alexander

Fall 2011 Newsletter


  1. Michelle Alexander to Deliver 5th Annual Braden Memorial Lecture
  2. Join a Book Group!
  3. Healing History Academy
  4. 2011-12 Upcoming Events
anne braden institute

Fall 2010 Newsletter


  1. Fourth Annual Anne Braden Memorial Lecture
  2. Sit-Ins’ 50th Anniversary
  3. New ABI Staff
  4. Fall 2010 Upcoming Events
anne braden

Fall 2009 Newsletter


  1. Public Internet Access Still Vital, Study Finds
  2. “Translating King in the Era of Obama”
  3. New Media Study Completed
  4. A Day for Reproductive Justice
  5. Remember the…
anne braden

Fall 2008 Newsletter


  1. Barbara Ransby to Deliver 2nd Braden Lecture
  2. “She Always Knew There Was Something Wrong”
  3. Institute Hosts First Social Justice Research Symposium
  4. SSRC Grant Update
  5. Visual…
anne braden

Fall 2007 Newsletter


  1. Julian Bond, NAACP Chair, Launches Institute
  2. Jack Norris Social Justice Photo Exhibit Unveiled
  3. Kentucky Remembers!
  4. Institute Lands Major SSRC Grant
  5. 1st Intern’s…