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Art History Faculty

Christopher Fulton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Art History
150 Lutz Hall • Phone: 502.852.7629 • Web siteEmail Dr. Fulton
Research: Mexican and Italian art

Benjamin Hufbauer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Art History
149 Lutz Hall • Phone: 502.852.0442 • Web siteEmail Dr. Hufbauer
Research: Presidential Libraries • Monuments, Memory, and Commemoration • Public History • Film

Susan Jarosi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Women's and Gender Studies and Art History
144 Lutz Hall • Phone: 502.852.0443 • Web siteEmail Dr. Jarosi
Research: Contemporary Art • Performance Art • Viennese Actionism • Trauma Studies • Intersections of Art and Science • Experimental Cinema • Artists' Writings

Pearlie Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Pan-African Studies and Art History
142 Lutz Hall • Phone: 502.852.0446 • Web site •  Email Dr. Johnson
Research: African Cultural Features in African American Cultural Productions • African American Women’s History in the Quilting Arts in Kentucky • African American Contemporary Quilts (National and International)

Jongwoo Jeremy Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Art History
Director of Graduate Studies in Art History
147 Lutz Hall • Phone: 502.852.0444 • Web siteEmail Dr. Kim
Research: 19th and 20th-century European art • Queer visual culture • Orientalism

Delin Lai, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Art History
146 Lutz Hall • Phone: 502.852.0445 • Web siteEmail Dr. Lai
Chinese Art • Japanese Art • Eastern Asia Landscape Art • 20th Century Chinese Artists and Architects • Cities, Architecture, and Gardens of China and Japan

Mónica Walker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (term), Art History
143 Lutz Hall • Phone: 502.852.1548 • Email Dr. Walker

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Critical and Curatorial Studies Faculty

Yasmeen Siddiqui, M.A.
Interim Director of Galleries • Instructor (term)
107 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.4483 • Email Yasmeen Siddiqui
Research: Public Art

Peter Morrin, M.F.A.
Associate in Fine Arts
409 Stevenson Hall • Phone: 502.852.2361 • Web site •  Email Peter Morrin
Research: Public Art

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Studio Art Faculty

Moon-he Baik, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Interior Design
25 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0945 • Web siteEmail Moon-he Baik
Research: Interior Design • Textile Design • Multi-cultural Interiors • Sustainablity and Environmental Design

Todd Burns, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Ceramics
138 Studio Arts / HP • Phone: 502.852.6796 • Web siteEmail Todd Burns
Research: Wheel Throwing • Wood Firing • Majolica • Ceramic Vessles

Kyoungmee Kate Byun, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor, Interior Design
27A Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0979 • Web siteEmail Kate Byun
Research: Design of Third place for enhancing social interaction • Environmental Design for Older Adults • Interdisciplinary approach between architecture and interior design • Humanizing design

Mary Carothers, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Photography
8 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0836 • Web siteEmail Mary Carothers
Research: Photography • Urban and Public Art • Video • Documentary • Instillations • Collaborative Projects

Ying Kit Chan, M.F.A.
Professor | Chair, Department of Fine Arts | Director, Hite Art Institute
110 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.6794 • Web siteEmail Ying Kit Chan
Research: Contemporary practices in drawing • Digital media and new media studies • Contemporary art issues • Cross cultural and critical theories • Chinese arts theory and criticism • Analytic and continental aesthetics • Sustainability and environmental ethics

Mitch Eckert, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Photography
11 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0870 • Web siteEmail Mitch Eckert
Research: Photography • Alternative and Historical Processes

Lida Gordon, M.F.A.
Professor, Fiber
23B Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0906 • Web siteEmail Lida Gordon
Research: Fiber Arts • Mixed Media • Papermaking • Surface Design

James Grubola, M.F.A.
Professor, Drawing
Director of Graduate Studies in Studio Art
Director of Graduate Studies in Critical and Curatorial Studies
115 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0759 • Web siteEmail James Grubola
Research: Figure Drawing • Anatomy and Life Drawing • Themes and Concepts in Drawing

Barbara Hanger, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Art Education
18 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0879 • Web siteEmail Barbara Hanger
Research: Contemporary practices in drawing, papermaking and book arts • Contemporary research and practice in art education

Scott Massey, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Sculpture
140 Studio Arts / HP • Phone: 502.852.6863 • Web siteEmail Scott Massey
Research: Contemporary Sculpture Practices and Theory • Public Art • Ritualism

Gabrielle Mayer, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Painting
113B Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0803 • Web siteEmail Gabrielle Mayer
Research: Oil and Illusionistic painting

Mark Priest, M.F.A.
Professor, Painting
109A Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.1016 • Web siteEmail Mark Priest
Resaerch: Figure Drawing and Painting • Underground Railroad

Ché Rhodes, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Glass
Cressman Center • Phone: 502.852.0277 • Web siteEmail Che Rhodes
Research: Hot Glass • Sculpture • Instillation

Steven Skaggs, M.Sc.
Professor, Graphic Design
33 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0807 • Web siteEmail Steven Skaggs
Research: Semiotics • Poetry • Typography

Leslie Friesen, B.A.
Instructor (term)
Power Creative Designer-in-Residence • Graphic Design
28 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.3605 • Web siteEmail Leslie Friesen
Research: Designing for Public Issues • Communications

Philip Miller, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor (term), Foundations
29 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.6794 • Email Philip Miller

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Morgan Professors

Spring 2013
Hazel Dodge
, Ph.D.
Louis Claude Purser Senior Lecturer
Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin
Dublin, Ireland • Web site
Research: Roman construction and building technology

Spring 2014
Georg Leidenberger
, Ph.D.
Professor, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Cuajimalpa-Mexico City, Mexico • Web site


Bingham Professor

Spring 2015
Bruce Hainley
, Ph.D.
Professor, Art Center College of Design
Pasadena, CA • Web site


Adjunct Faculty

Ester Bell, Ph.D.
Curator of European Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture
Cincinnati Art Museum

Anna Brzyski, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Art and Visual Studies
University of Kentucky • Web site

Madeline Burnside, Ph.D.
Executive Director Emerita
Frazier International History Museum

Scott Erbes, M.A.
Chief Curator
Speed Art Museum

Henry Hornstein, M.F.A.
Professor of Photography
Rhode Island School of Design

Rebecca Long, M.A.
Associate Curator of European Paintings and Sculpture before 1945
Indianapolis Museum of Art

Aldy Milliken, B.S.
Director and Cheif Curator
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

Suzanne Weaver, M.A.
Modern and Contemporary Art
Independent Curator


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Part-time Faculty

Cristina Carbone, Ph.D.
Art History
Phone: 502.852.2324
Email Dr. Carbone

Steven Cheek, M.F.A.
Phone: 502-852-6794
Email Steven Cheek

Wendy Dunleavy, M.A.
Phone: 502.852.6794
Email Wendy Dunleavy

Brian Faust, B.F.A.
Graphic Design
Phone: 502.852.6794
Email Brian Faust

Matthew Landrus, Ph.D.
Art History
Phone: 502.852.5914
Email Matthew Landrus

Sharon Leightty, M.F.A.
Phone: 502.852.6794
Email Sharon Leightty

Aaron Metté, M.F.A.
Phone: 502.852.6794
Email Aaron Mette

Bess Reed, Ph.D.
Art History
Phone: 502.852.0442
Email Bess Reed

Mark Rosenthal
Graphic Design
Phone: 502.852.6794
Email Mark Rosenthal

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Graduate Teaching Assistants

Eston Adams, M.A.
Art History
Phone: 502.852.6794
email Eston Adams

Flint Collins, M.A.
Art History
Phone: 502.852.5914
Email Flint Collins

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John Begley, M.F.A.

Thomas Buser, Ph.D.

Stow Chapman, M.Arch.

Henry Chodkowski, M.F.A.

Dario Covi, Ph.D.
Phone: 502.852.0447
Email Dario Covi

Julia Duncan, M.A.

Linda Gigante, Ph.D.

Jay Kloner, Ph.D.

Stephanie Maloney, Ph.D.

Suzanne Mitchell, M.F.A.

William Morgan, Ph.D.

Nancy Pearcy, M.A.

John Whitesell, M.F.A.
Printmaking, 2 Schneider Hall • Phone: 502.852.0828  • Email John Whitesell


List of Frederic Lindley Morgan Professors


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