Scott Massey

Associate Professor of Art


Employing a range of formats from the discreet object to site independent installations, Professor Massey engages in producing experiential transitions through material manipulation. Working in the field of contemporary sculpture he utilizes the filter of corporeal reality to examine perceptual shifts between the tangible and intangible. His work “Ship Of State”, 2012, is manifested as a large scale, interactive work with two unequal oars, mounted upon individual carriages and operable by the audience. This work offers a subtle critique of the consequences of resource inequity. More recent work, such as “Offering” 2014, enters into a dialogue with the ritual object as a catalyst for philosophical considerations of value and meaning. Professor Massey’s next work will explore the making of ritual space as a means for experiential transitions associated with ritual practices.

Course Offerings

ART 106: Three Dimensional Design
ART 321: Introduction to Sculpture
ART 521: Practice of Sculpture
ART 522: Sculpture Strategies
ART 523: Directed Study in Sculpture
ART 590: Installation / Contemporary Practice in Sculpture
ART 621: Workshop in Sculpture
ART 622: Professional Practice in Sculpture

Honors and Awards

Al Smith Fellowship 2004

Research Areas and Projects

Contemporary Sculpture Practices and Theory
Public Art

Professional Memberships

ISC International Sculpture Center


Professor Massey has presented his research at the Speed Art Museum, the Arvada Art Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, the Fort Collins Contemporary Museum and the Tucson Museum.