David Hoefer




Research interests: zooarchaeology; taphonomy; prehistoric hunting and fishing; rise of social and political complexity; origins of the state. Currently David is working at an archaeological site in New Mexico, he will be presenting his research at the 2012 SSA conference:

The Archaeology of Ghost Ranch: Intersite Analysis of Faunal Remains at Two Archaic Hunter-Gatherer Sites

Ongoing excavations at Ghost Ranch of two hunter-gatherer rock shelters, GR-2 and GR-145, offer new opportunities for assessing prehistoric land-use in the Piedra Lumbre Basin of north-central New Mexico. Intersite analysis of these remains provides new data for understanding subsistence organization during the Southwestern Archaic. Faunal assemblages from the two sites, located 6 km apart and overlapping chronologically, suggest divergent patterns of game collection, processing, and use by groups taking up temporary residence in a seasonal round. Initial assessment points to cultural practice, rather than preservational difference, as the primary cause.

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