Experiential Component

Experiential component of the M.A. in Anthropology.

The Masters of Arts offers the possibility of an experiential component.  The Plan B option is composed of 24 seminar hours plus 6 hours of an internship.  In consultation with the faculty advisor, students may choose to do an internship in a social service agency, a government agency, or community organization.  With the supervision of a faculty member, the student will write a formal paper on some aspect of the internship or produce a significant professional product as part of the internship.  Students who choose Plan B will be applying anthropological knowledge and skills to the needs of the community, thus enhancing university or community ties and preparing for the world of professional work.

Before the student can register for internship hours the TWO FORMS BELOW  MUST be completed and brought to the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ashley Smallwood.

The Department of Anthropology has a number of established internships in the community.  Students may complete internships with one of these organizations or develop a new internship in consultation with a faculty member and non-government organization, government agency, or corporation.

Potential Internship Sites