Research Highlights

Prof. Storey teaching class in TILL lab

Cultural Anthropology Course Explores Diverse Global Experiences

Students in Dr. Storey’s Introduction to Cultural Anthropology course lead discussion in the Teaching Innovation Learning Lab.



Dr Beyin outside in East Africa

Tracking Early Human Migration and Settlement along the East African Coast

Dr. Beyin began an archaeological investigation of the Tanzanian coast to search for Stone Age sites.



Scientists in lab

Studying the Evolution of Inflammatory Responses using Bioarchaeology, Human History, and Immunology

Dr. Crespo’s research agenda is focused on human evolutionary immunology, where he is trying to understand how different factors such as infectious diseases and stress shaped inflammation and immune responses in human populations.


Dr Storey with two women in Cape Town Africa

Ethnographic Research Explores Social Justice and Community Organizing in South Africa

Dr. Storey’s on-going ethnographic research in Cape Town, South Africa, explores how residents of informal settlements—shack communities in the periphery of the city—organize and work for improved access to water, sanitation, and electricity services.



Phil DiBlasi with student examine bones

Forensic Archaeological Investigation Uncovers Mystery at Local Cemeteries

Assisting the Kentucky Attorney General's investigation of abuses in three urban cemeteries (Eastern, Greenwood, and Schardein), DiBlasi has conducted forensic archaeological investigations on hundreds of graves in an effort to acquire information to assist in the prosecution of the case.


Archaeology site in cave

Excavation in Portugal Illuminates Neanderthal Extinction and Modern Human Colonization of Western Europe

Dr. Haws leads an interdisciplinary project studying Neanderthal extinction and modern human colonization of Western Europe.


Evolutionary Anthropology Reveals the History of Population Health

Why are some diseases more commonly found in some populations than others, while other diseases are common to all populations?



Bath house of Hammamat

Baths (Hammamat) of the Mediterranean Region from the Bronze Age to the Early 20th Century

Dr. Peteet’s research project explores the history of the baths, their contemporary revival, and their meaning in a neoliberal age.