Congratulations Dr. Crespo for being awarded a National Science Foundation grant.

Dr. Fabian Crespo (Associate Professor of Anthropology at UofL) was awarded as Principal Investigator a National Science Foundation grant in the amount of $124,000 for his project entitled “Bioarchaeology, Osteoimmunology, and Ecoimmunology: Linking Inflammation, Life History Tradeoffs, and Biocultural Change in Northern Perú, 9001750 CE”. A collaborative project with scholars at the George Mason University, this research project pursues a new synthesis between three emerging fields, bioarchaeology, osteoimmunology, and ecoimmunology when reconstructing inflammatory phenotypes in past populations. The project will generate a transdisciplinary vision of human health and disease in past populations, especially when exploring the entangled biocultural drivers of disease during the complex changes between pre-Hispanic and post-contact societies in the Andes. It will involve field and lab work in Perú, and training students from both universities and local institutions.

For more information about Dr. Crespo’s projects and related research opportunities for students, visit his webpage.


Dr. Crespo and students collecting bone samples at the Museo Nacional de Sicán Laboratory (Peru) for novel ancient proteomics analysis to reconstruct the immune system of past populations.