Services Offered


CACHe offers long-term curation services. CACHe is a secure, climate-controlled curation facility that meets the repository standards described in 36 CFR 79. Read through the curation policies document for information on pricing and collections requirements. For questions or to submit a request for curation, please contact Thomas Jennings at

Curation Policies

Collection Revitalization

CACHe offers collection revitalization services to bring legacy collections excavated decades ago up to current curation standards. Collection revitalization allows UofL undergraduate and graduate students to gain hands-on curation experience. Pricing varies based on the nature of the collection, the types, quantities, and conditions of objects. For a revitalization pricing estimate, please contact Thomas Jennings at

Sediment Analysis

CACHe’s Anthropological Science Lab is equipped with the following:

  • A fume hood for the chemical removal organics
  • Nested sieves and a sieve shaker for measuring coarse fraction particles
  • PARIO integral suspension devices for measuring silt and clay fraction particles
  • A muffle furnace and dessicator cabinet for carbon loss on ignition
  • For pricing on these services, please contact Thomas Jennings at


CACHe has a Leica DM2700M high-power microscope for conducting up to 500x magnification of artifact surfaces. CACHe offers lithic use-wear analysis services. Pricing varies based on number and type of artifacts and need for developing experimental analogs. For pricing, please contact Ashley Smallwood at

Eastern, Greenwood, Schardein Cemeteries

In partnership with the Circuit Court of Jefferson County and the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General, CACHe curates historic burial records from Eastern, Greenwood, and Shardein cemeteries. For information about any of these cemeteries and individuals buried within them, please send requests to the dedicated email address

Please view the following documents for additional information.