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Advising Requirements

The JB Speed School of Engineering Academic Advising office provides academic advising for current and prospective undergraduate students majoring in engineering. Students will be required to sign-up for academic advising prior to registration. The following students are required to be advised:

  • Students who have earned fewer than 60 credit hours

  • Students who have not been admitted to their major department

Advising Availability

Advising is available by appointment only.

Who Is My Advisor?

Upon admittance to the Speed School, you will be assigned an advisor. Your advisor will introduce you to a range of services provided by the School, and will guide and support you as you advance through the general engineering curriculum.

Students admitted to their departments or Professional School are expected to meet with their faculty or departmental advisor each semester, unless otherwise instructed, for class registration approval.


Susan M. Best

Academic Advisor
JB Speed, Room LL30
(502) 852-0437

E-mail Susan


Jimmy Kidd

Assistant Director of Student Services
JB Speed, Room LL30
(502) 852-0398

E-mail Jimmy


Heather Mann

Academic Counselor
JB Speed, Room LL28
(502) 852-4006

E-mail Heather


Ally Miller

Academic Counselor
JB Speed, Room LL31
(502) 852-4021

E-mail Ally


Natalie Oliner

Academic Counselor
JB Speed, Room LL25
(502) 852-1229

E-mail Natalie


Jen Plymate

Academic Counselor
JB Speed, Room LL26
(502) 852-0901

E-mail Jen