Frequently Asked Questions

How were the trailblazers selected?

The first group of honorees were selected from a large number of nominations from UofL Archives and Special Collections, Commission on the Status of Women, Human Resources, Office of Communications and Marketing, Advancement and the Women’s Center, with consultation from representatives in the Commission on Diversity & Racial Equality and others.

Will other Trailblazers be identified?

Yes! The long range plan is to further develop the criteria to ensure inclusivity of all forms of diversity and to highlight “Trailblazers” across all areas and disciplines on campus. Requests for nominations to this prestigious list will be distributed widely.

A minimum of 45 “Trailblazers” will be identified in 2020 and will be recognized through press releases, news articles and campus events. 

Our intent is that this be an ongoing project and that many more “Trailblazers” will be identified, including up and coming Trailblazers.

What do we have planned on campus?

Additional programs will be happening though out 2020 and will be promoted widely. More information can be found on the events page and UofL Calendar.

 How can a person get involved?

  • Nominate someone to be a UofL “Trailblazer”
  • Volunteer to help create and promote a “Trailblazing” Event
  • Attend the “Trailblazing” programs that will be happening on and off campus
  • “Like” our “Trailblazing” events on social media
  • Encourage your department to host programs highlighting “Trailblazers for Women”