Advisor Technology Guides


CardSmart Best Practice

CardSmart Manual
Referrals in CardSmart
Guidelines for Notes in CardSmart
Text Message Policy

How-To Guides

Advising Center Mode

How to Create an Appointment from the Advising Center Mode
How to Edit an Appointment from the Advising Center Mode
How to Cancel or Delete an Appointment from the Advising Center Mode

Advising Kiosk

How to Check Students in through the Advising Kiosk
Student Check-in Process for those with an Appointment
Student Check-in Process for those without an Appointment

Advising Reports/Notes

How to File an Advising Report
How to Add a Note to a Student's Profile
How to Add an Advising Report to a Student's Profile (for a student without an appointment)


How to Add Individual Appointments to the Calendar
How to Assign a Different Advisor to a Scheduled Appointment 


How to Set Availabilities and Create an Appointment Campaign 
How to Add Students to an Existing Campaign

Creating CardSmart Users

How to Create a Student in CardSmart when there is no Profile

Progress Reports

How to Submit Progress Reports from a Campaign
How to Submit ad-hoc Progress Reports

Searching for/Communicating with Students

How to Search and View Student Profiles
How to Communicate with Students 
How to Search for Students with Holds

PeopleSoft Guides

How to Add or Remove a Minor
How to Process a Major Change
How to Pull a Student Transfer Evaluation
How to Pull an Unofficial Transcript
How to Change or Add an Advisor
How to Remove an Advising Hold and Set the AOK Indicator

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