Undergraduate Student Advising

The Health Sciences Center (HSC) Advising and Student Services staff located on Belknap provide current and prospective students with academic counseling, admissions support, and student services to meet personal, academic and career goals.

Please contact Linda Dillman, undergraduate administrative associate, via phone or email to schedule with an advisor: (502) 852-5559 or

Advising Team

Graduate Student Advising

Graduate students are assigned to a faculty advisor upon admission to the School of Public Health and Information Sciences. Faculty advisors provide guidance regarding course requirements, practice experience, research and dissertation development, funding opportunities and questions related to the program requirements.

Faculty Advisors – Students are provided the name and contact information for their assigned faculty advisor in their admission e-mail. Admitted students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with their faculty advisor early in their program and meet with their faculty advisor on a regular basis.

Signed Program Plan– During the initial advising appointment between a student and their faculty advisor, an academic program plan must be signed by both the faculty advisor and student. The signed program plan is then submitted to the Office of Student Services. 

Academic Calendars 

View official undergraduate and graduate academic calendars.

Academic Programs & Certificates

The School of Public Health and Information Sciences (SPHIS) offers a variety of degrees, minors and certificate options. View a complete list of programs

Schedule of Classes

Use the schedule of classes to help guide in course selection.

Student Academic Grievance Procedures 

Students who have complaints, grievances, or concerns regarding courses taken at the University of Louisville or other university policies or services should contact the Student Grievance Officer to have the issues resolved in an expeditious, fair, and amicable manner. The University’s Student Grievance Procedures are outlined in detail below. Students should first seek to resolve their complaints through informal discussion and administrative channels. The same resources are provided to on-campus and off-campus students. If you need assistance accessing the process please contact the Dean of Students Office.

-- More information on student grievance process (Go to Article 6.8 of the Redbook)

-- Student Complaint Form

-- UofL Student Grievance Officer: Dr. Joy Hart, professor in the Department of Communication, is the Student Grievance Officer. Dr. Hart was chosen by the Office of the President from a list of nominees submitted by the Student Government Association. Dr. Hart been at UofL since 1990 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. The main role of the Student Grievance Officer is to inform students of their rights and obligations according to UofL grievance procedures. Contact:

University Degree Catalogs 

The University catalog is the official source for all degree programs and academic requirements as well as institutional policies and procedures. It is the document of authority for all students. The program requirements listed in the catalog supersede any information which may be contained in the bulletin of any school or department. 

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