Lance Gibson

2016 Etscorn International Summer Research Award

Lance Gibson

Lance Gibson

UofL sophomore Lance Gibson has received an Etscorn International Summer Research Award to travel to Poland to mentor and teach at the University of Lodz’s English Writing Improvement Center. While in Poland he will also attend a conference and take an intensive language course in Polish. The $4,300 scholarship was awarded to Gibson by the College of Arts and Sciences.

“Drs. Condon, Hart, Kuta, and Williams have honored me by enabling my passion to develop into a fully-fledged project and accepting me with open doors, open minds and open hearts. I hope to leave an impact on Łόdź, and return home with the intent and experience to do the same.”

Collegiate experience

  • Areas of study:
    Graduates in May 2019 with degrees in mathematics and English from the College of Arts and Sciences
    • Other recognition and honors:
      Vogt scholar (full tuition and yearly stipend)

    Inspired By:

    I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to Dr. Joy Hart who suggested on a plane to Belize during the International Service Learning Program that I apply for the Etscorn award. Though Dr. Hart’s suggestion led me to the application, my individualized program would not exist without the assistance of the University of Louisville Writing Center mentors and their director, Dr. Bronwyn Williams, who provided me the resources. I would like to say, “Djiȩkujȩ bardzo,” to Dr. Jadwiga Kuta (department of chemistry) for her insight and patient language teaching as a native Pole. I am proud to have worked one-on-one with caring professors whom I am fortunate to call mentors and friends.”

      Hometown information

      • Hometown:
        Henderson, Ky
      • High school:
        2015 graduate of Henderson County High School
      • Parents:
        Christa and Bruce Gibson of Henderson