Young Choi

2016 Whitaker International Fellows Award

Young Choi

Young Choi

UofL graduate student Young Choi has received a Whitaker International Fellows award, a program for biomedical engineers to study outside of the U.S. or Canada to conduct research, pursue additional coursework or work as an intern. As part of the award, Choi will spend part of the summer working on development of a heart stint at the Helmholtz Institute at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. The award provides $12,000 a year for travel, tuition and living expenses.

“During my time at UofL, I have learned the value of preparation and teamwork. This award would allow me to forge new engineering skills and network with world-reknown researchers, as well as gain my first research experience abroad and assimilate to German culture and language."

Collegiate experience

  • Areas of study:
    Graduates May, 2016, with a master of engineering in bioengineering degree.
      • Other recognition and honors:
        Joseph Henry Award in Translational Bioengineering (recognizes students who have devised or potentially devised a new medical invention); Rolando “Chip” Cheng, Jr. Memorial Scholarship (recognizes students with humanitarian, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit).

      Inspired By

      Steven Koenig, Ph.D., in the Department of Bioengineering arranged my initial meeting with his colleagues—Dr. Tim Kaufmann and Dr. Simon Sonntag--from RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Based on this meeting and my own research interests, the aforementioned project was selected as a project to apply for international grants/scholarships. Through Dr. Koenig’s mentorship and networking opportunities, I was able to achieve this award.”

      Hometown information

      • Hometown:
        Louisville, Ky
      • High school:
        2009 graduate of duPont Manual High School
      • Parents:
        Jung-In and Kyung-Ju Choi of Louisville