Undergraduate Research

Research and Innovation Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant

The primary purpose of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant is to enrich the research, scholarship and creative arts experience of the undergraduate student body by involving the student in research collaboration with a faculty mentor. The student is expected to become intellectually involved in design and execution of the research project, not just serve as "another pair of hands." The undergraduate student writes the URS proposal after he or she has identified a faculty mentor who is interested in serving as the mentor. The faculty mentor is expected to make arrangements for the student to receive up to three (3) hours of course credit for the research or creative activity and provide a grade for the work completed by the student.

Students are encouraged to present a poster, or an equivalent demonstration of the research, on the Undergraduate Research Day. The student may request up to $300 (dry lab/creative activity) or $500 (wet lab) for supplies and expenses required for conducting the research or creative activity.  URS proposals may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed upon receipt.



Professional and undergraduate students are invited to apply for the National Cancer Institute-funded Cancer Education Program held each summer. The ten week program begins the day after memorial day and includes participation in a cancer research project. We anticipate selecting 25-30 applicants each year depending upon funding. The program provides a stipend of $4,000 or $4,300 and reimbursement for travel and housing. Additional information and application forms are found here. Applications are due March 1.

The CODRE/EVPRI Undergraduate Research Funding Guidelines and Application may be found here.