Selection Review and Selection Criteria

The Committee ensures that selected pre-proposals:

      1. Meet all eligibility requirements specified by the funding organization RFP
      2. Are scientifically and technically strong
      3. Promote the greater University research mission

Each pre-proposal is carefully evaluated against the selection criteria provided by the sponsor. Once the decision as to which pre-proposal(s) will go forward has been made, all applicants are notified of the Committee’s decision. Occasionally, the Committee may provide feedback and recommendations.

Deadlines for electronic submission of preproposals will be established as soon as the solicitation for a limited submission program becomes available. The deadlines will be posted on the Research Development & Strategic Initiatives limited submission website and when possible, announced via e-mail to appropriate Deans and Directors for distribution as the college, institute or center sees fit.

Faculty should notify us by emailing our Research Development & Strategic Initiatives service account immediately in the event they intend to submit to a limited submission opportunity that has not already been identified/posted by the EVPRI as a limited submission on this page. Time permitting, the stated process will then be initiated. In rare instances, such as when a sponsor’s deadline is too short to allow for internal review, the EVPRI may allow an interested participant to move forward without the full internal review process based on a “first to notify” basis.

Note: Pre-proposals must to be sent to the Research Development & Strategic Initiatives service account and must be received by 5:00 p.m. (ET) of the stated deadline date to be eligible.