Research Personnel Qualifications and Training

One of the primary responsibilities of the IACUC is to ensure that research personnel have the qualifications and training necessary to perform proposed work using animal subjects. In order to adhere to Federal regulations governing the use of animals in medical research, the IACUC has developed training programs to ensure that personnel are appropriately trained and aware of potential hazards based on their roles/responsibilities. The IACUC Policy "Required Training" can be found HERE.

IACUC Training Programs:

I.     Required training for animal users and facility access
II.    Required training for personnel working with tissue only
III.   Required training for visitors
IV.   Basic Rodent Techniques ("Level III Training"; Optional)
V.    Rodent Surgery1
VI.   Euthanasia2    

The IACUC and CMRU offer training courses for a variety of procedures. If your labs needs procedure-specific training please use this reservation form.

Feedback for any hands-on course can be given HERE.

1Effective July 15, 2021: All laboratory personnel responsible for performing surgery (both survival and non-survival) on rodents must complete IACUC-mandated training.

2Effective February 1, 2019: All laboratory personnel responsible for euthanasia must attend a hands-on euthanasia training session with CMRU veterinary faculty and/or staff.