Research Personnel Qualifications and Training

One of the primary responsibilities of the IACUC is to ensure that research personnel have the qualifications and training necessary to perform proposed work using animal subjects. One method of providing this assurance is Section VI in the "Proposal to Use Laboratory Animals in Research and Teaching," which not only describes the IACUC's training requirements but also requires that the Project Director specifically describe the species-specific experience/training history of each participant and their role in the study.


LEVEL I Brochures




The IACUC also sponsors monthly didactic (Level II) and "hands-on" (Level III) training sessions for scientists, research technicians, and others involved in animal research. Level II is a training program, which is described in the IACUC Policy entitled "Required Training" is designed to ensure that these individuals understand the principles of humane animal care and are qualified to handle the species proposed for use. All research personnel listed on an animal-use proposal must attend a "Level II" seminar within 90 days of their association with an animal research study. Those who have not met training requirements at the time of proposal submission are informed of the need to do so during the proposal review process; animal use privileges are contingent upon meeting the IACUC training requirements.


2018 Level II Training Schedule


 Contents of Level II Packet:

Instructional Materials & Info

Use of Animals in Biomedical Research

Occupational Health and Safety Program Documents (Training Manual and Quiz available at CITI, and Survey)


Proposal to Use Laboratory Animals in Research and Training (iRIS)

List of Approved IACUC Policies

Policies and Procedure: Reporting and Investigating animal Welfare Concerns

IACUC Member Roster

UofL Proposal to Use Fresh or Frozen Animal Tissue in Research and Testing

Research Resources Center (RRC) Laboratory Animal Order Form - Contact Penny White at 852-4605


U of L Assurance of Compliance with Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals - also available on the IACUC Compliance/Accreditation Details page


National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR) 1999 Issue Updates

Animal/Research Related World Wide Web Resources

Cost of Caring: Recognizing Human Emotions in the Care of Laboratory Animals; American Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences (AALAS Booklet)


2013 Report of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia

IACUC Policy Reporting and Investigation Animal Welfare Concerns




The Research Resources Facility (RRF) has been offering Level III training for Principal Investigators and laboratory personnel on an individualized basis.  Generalized Level III training consists of standard techniques: appropriate animal handling and restraint, physical exam, blood collection (intravascular, vessel stick, terminal cardiac puncture), injection techniques (subcutaneous, intravascular, intraperitoneal, intramuscular), and euthanasia.



 Level III training is intended to help new or established personnel at any level develop and/or hone techniques common to most all research efforts.  As such, the RRF will be offering Level III training with mice on a recurring monthly basis, however, if there is interest for training with rats or any other species, please contact the IACUC.


Unless otherwise specified, Level III Training will be held in the RRC which is located in the basement of the Medical Dental Research (MDR) building (at Floyd St. and Abraham Flexner). Click here for MAP to MDR facility.  

 When entering the main entrance of the MDR (Floyd street side), take the elevators to the basement. You will see a vending machine area where you can wait once you exit the elevators; a technicians will be around to gather everyone and direct groups to the main training room. 

 NOTE: participants desiring Level III Training must complete the "Reservation Request Form" as class space is limited.  We will contact you only if there is a conflict and we cannot admit you to your chosen class.






In order to gain access to any RRF facility for the purpose of animal research, all personnel must:

1.) Complete Level II Training,

2.) Be enrolled in the Occupational Health and Safety Program,

3.) Complete a Participant Training Log,

4.) Be listed as a project participant on an approved IACUC Proposal, and

5.) Receive facility-specific orientation for the facility they will need to access.

The facility orientation takes 30-45 minutes to complete. The training is usually given by the supervisor of the facility and can be scheduled with the appropriate supervisor or by contacting the Facilities Manager, Mr. Ralph Hornickel (852-4604).