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Research Staff Qualifications and Training

One of the primary responsibilities of the IACUC is to ensure that research personnel have the qualifications and training necessary to perform proposed work using animal subjects. One method of providing this assurance is Section VI in the "Proposal to Use Laboratory Animals in Research and Teaching," which not only describes the IACUC's training requirements but also requires that the Project Director specifically describe the species-specific experience/training history of each participant and their role in the study.

The IACUC also sponsors monthly didactic ("Level II") and "hands-on" training sessions for scientists, research technicians, and others involved in animal research. This training program, which is described in the IACUC Policy entitled "Required Training.pdf" is designed to ensure that these individuals understand the principles of humane animal care and are qualified to handle the species proposed for use. All research personnel who work with animals must attend a "Level II" seminar within six months of their association with an animal research study. Those who have not met training requirements at the time of proposal submission are informed of the need to do so during the proposal review process; animal use privileges are contingent upon meeting the IACUC training requirements.


2014 Level II Training Schedule.pdf


 Contents of Level 2 Training Seminar Packet


RRF Access

In order to gain access to any RRF facility for the purpose of animal research, all personnel must:

1.) Complete Level 2 training,

2.) Be enrolled in the Occupational Health and Safety Program,

3.) Be listed as a project participant on an approved IACUC Proposal, and

4.) Receive facility-specific orientation for the particular facility they will need to access.

The facility orientation takes 30-45 minutes to complete. The training is usually given by the supervisor of the facility and can be scheduled with the appropriate supervisor or by contacting the Facilities Manager, Mr. Ralph Hornickel, at 852-4604.


Level I Brochures


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