Online Education Courses

University of Louisville offers over 1000 online course sections of nearly 500 unique courses in 65 disciplines, providing flexible access to UofL's quality college education. From anthropology and criminal justice to computer science and music history, our online courses are of the same quality as those taught on campus. Courses are delivered through Blackboard, a user-friendly online learning platform, to allow students and instructors to interact, network and collaborate on class assignments and projects. For a complete list of online courses available at UofL, visit (select "Distance Education" in the location field). For current tuition rates for online courses, visit (select 'Tuition and Fees' in the left navigation bar). Online courses are charged separately and in addition to any campus (non-online) courses you may be taking. Some instructors may require proctored exams, which could incur an additional fee. Check the Schedule of Classes for these details or ask the instructor.