Registrar's Office Staff Directory

Registrar's Office Organizational Chart

Customer Service and Processing

Program Assistant Seniors (Front Line Staff / Processors)  

Rachel Carr ( | Ralph Moss  ( | Ria Chandler ( | Laura Rapson (

Phone: 502.852.6522

  • Provide excellent customer service to all students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the University community via phone, email, or in person for all inquiries for the Registrar’s Office.
  • Assist and process requests for transcripts in person, web, and mail.
  • Oversee and input student registrations for course requests, including drop/adds, withdrawals, and grade status changes; recalculate tuition for additional charges or refunds as needed.
  • Process record changes and review student academic records for accuracy.

Assistant Director of Registration

Khara Roberson

 Phone: 502.852.4366

  • Disseminate work for timely processing and ensure good customer service. 
  • Coordinate the Petition for Tuition Reduction process for exceptions for tuition charges.
  • Coordinate the Metroversity Cross Registration Program with seven area participating colleges.
  • Oversee the registrations of several special groups, both internal to the university and external.
  • Review and modify dates used to determine the drop versus withdrawal grade postings on student transcripts

Assistant Director of Student Records

Michael Freeman

Phone: 502.852.4969

  • Responsible for the security of student records, including documents and transcripts, paper records prior to 1982, as well as current records.
  • Assure grade rosters, drops/adds, academic actions, transcript requests, catalogs, commencement books, and other educational records are accessible, maintained, and secured
  • Perform daily audits to review and verify all completed work processed within the office. 
  • Assists in the Residency Appeals process and Commencement ceremony preparations and execution. 

Compliance Analyst

Kassie Flanery

Phone: 502.852.4659

  • Oversee and manage office budget accounts, reconcile cash/check deposits and ProCards.
  • Ensure the office staff is in compliance with University Human Resources policies.
  • Coordinate the awarding of degrees and distribution of diplomas.  
  • Assist in the residency appeal process. 
  • Support the Registrar's Office with daily activities and monitor the Regoff email service account. 

Residency Appeals and Commencement Coordinator

Bridgett Thornberry

Phone: 502.852.6528

  • Serve as the University Residency Appeals Officer and manage all residency classification changes and processes.  
  • Coordinator for University-wide Commencement Exercises, including the ordering and distribution of all apparel.
  • Negotiate contracts, agreements, and RFPs with vendors for Commencement.  
  • Oversee the Commencement budget.
  • Monitor and respond to the Residency and Commencement email service accounts, as well as maintan both websites

Technical Processes and Systems Management

Information and Records Supervisor

LaKecia Dudley-Jenkins

Phone: 502.852.2137

  • Responsible for the maintenance of the university curriculum information management system. 
  • Coordinate and manage the student program/plan stack in collaboration with all academic units. 
  • Manage and process all change major requests for students changing programs/units.
  • Assist the Associate Director of Student Records Systems in managing and executing the Registrar’s Office technical processes.
  • Oversee and manage the Register Service Account email. 
  • Manage and process special registrations such as Study Abroad and Learning Communities.
  • Oversee the coordination and management of the withdrawal certification process in collaboration with the Financial Aid Office and faculty. 
  • Assist in the submission of the National Student Clearinghouse enrollment and degree files and verification of changes from prior NSC submissions.

Administrative Systems Analyst

Brian Peeples

Phone: 502.852.7198

  • Responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of the Academic Advisement Module for the graduate and professional careers. 
  • Responsible for the development and management of the enrollment requisites submitted through the curriculum management system. 
  • Serves as a Tier One Support for the Registrar’s Office.
  • Manage, coordinate,  and process the Post Enrollment Requisite Checking (PERC) process. 
  • Responsible for the management of the Registrar’s Office forms and websites.  Assist in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions testing and upgrades.

Project Coordinator

Stephanie Bell

Phone:  502.852.2138

  • Responsible for accurately collecting all information to create the Schedule of Classes for Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Work with Unit Coordinators to ensure accuracy of the Schedule of Classes. 
  • Update all aspects of classes in Peoplesoft and CLSS in conjunction with Unit Coordinators.  
  • Oversee and manage the Schedule of Classes service account email.
  • Responsible for setting up student registration appointments for the Registrar's Office.
  • Assist Associate Director of Student Records Systems in the coordination, training, and maintenance of CourseLeaf Class Scheduling program (CLSS).

Athletic Certification Officer / Registrar Compliance Coordinator

Lisa Dickman

Phone: 502.852.4973

  • Responsible for applying University, NCAA, and ACC rules and regulations to determine initial and continuing academic eligibility of 700+ student-athletes. 
  • Develop policies, procedures, and business processes related to the athletic certification process.


Associate Director – Student Records Systems

Vanessa Blair

Phone: 502.852.1544

  • Manage and execute the Registrar’s Office technical processes each Spring, Summer and Fall semester. 
  • Use Communication processes in PeopleSoft for student email communication and set up recurring jobs via the Process Scheduler. 
  • Write queries and SQL statements and develop BI Publisher reports as requested. 
  • Serve as Functional Lead in all the Registrar’s Office PeopleSoft projects.
  • Assist the Director in the management of the Student Administration System and resolve complex registration/student records issues. 
  • Supervise Project Coordinator position and lead the Schedule of Classes production process. 
  • Supervise Information and Records Supervisor position to provide support in the processing of Change Major approvals, withdrawal certification forms, and admissions and student program/plan issues. 
  • Assist in serving as the Registrar’s Office liaison with Information Technology Services concerning production, reports, system problems or enhancements, and upgrades/fixes. 
  • Submit all enrollment and degree completion files to the National Student Clearinghouse and verify changes from prior submissions.  Review and complete NSC ‘Error Resolution Reports’ and work with Financial Aid to meet National Student Loan Data System requirements.  

Associate Director of Registration and Records

Chris Goodman

Phone: 502.852.7192

  • Manage all daily operations of the Service and Processing Centers, including registration, grading, academic actions, reports, transcripts, storage of records, petitions for residency/tuition exceptions, collection/depositing of monies, and commencement-related activities while ensuring in all facets that staff provide exemplary in-person, telephone, and email customer service. 
  • Supervise, hire, train, and evaluate two Assistant Directors (Assistant Director of Registration and Assistant Director of Student Records); a Compliance Analyst; Residency Appeals and Commencement Coordinator; and five Program Assistant Senior positions. 
  • Initiate, plan, implement, and assess customer service training, cross-training, knowledge sharing, payroll/Human Resources functions, and professional development for each individual supervised.

Director of Registration and Records

Lamar Braggs

Phone: 502.852.4662

  • Responsible for daily operation of the Registrar’s Office processes, including the development and running of jobs and processes in the Student Records System. 
  • Develop and run all batch and recurring jobs, including SQR’s and application engine.
  • Create reports and analyses as requested from units and University Leadership. 
  • Manage security for student records access. 
  • Directly supervise the Associate Director of Student Records Systems and the Administrative Systems Analyst.
  • Work with Registrar to formulate polices and strategies for office and collaborate on budget maintenance and personnel issues. 
  • Serve as Registrar’s Office technical liaison with Information Technology Systems and other campus offices, including implementation of new applications and hardware/software. 

University Registrar

Scott Burks

Phone: 502.852.4661

  • Plan, organize, and manage all of the activities related to the Records and Registration areas.
  • Official authorized keeper of the University's student records, and thus responsible for collecting, recording, maintaining, and reporting of student records within Federal FERPA guidelines. 
  • Hire, supervise, and evaluate the work of 16 Registrar's Office staff members
  • Responsible for the office budget; creation of the schedule of classes and registration of students each semester; posting of grades, academic actions and degrees; and awarding/dissemination of diplomas; planning and implementation of Commencement two times a year; certifying student athletes for NCAA competition each semester; review requests for exception to University refund policy and residency; production and delivery of transcripts; proposal of Academic Calendar each year.
  • Work with Vice Provost for Enrollment Management to meet strategic goals, retention strategies, and student services for the Division.


Registrar's Office Organizational Chart