Physics alumna Dr. Blakesley Burkhart chosen as a 2020 Packard Fellow

Image featuring Dr. Burkhart2020 - Physics alumna Dr. Blakesley Burkhart was chosen as a 2020 Science and Engineering Fellow by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. This distinction is shared by all three US women who won the Nobel Prize this year -- two for science and one for literature. Dr. Burkhart was awarded $875,000 over the next five years to further her research on using statistical methods and machine-learning algorithms to study and analyze properties of the interstellar medium to gain a better understanding of how gas and dust are converted into stars and planets. Last year, she became the recipient of the Annie Jump Cannon Award, the oldest award given out by the American Astronomical Society. The award recognizes women who do notable research in the field of astronomy. Burkhart is currently an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the Rutgers University. Congratulations, Blakesley!