Student Recitals

Student Recital listing

Please note we try our best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. All concerts are subject to change. 

We thank you for your support of our students and hope you enjoy your experience at the School of Music.  

Date           Day              Time           Location Event
Monday 7:00 PM Comstock Patrick Nguyen, Clarinet (Capstone)
1    Monday 8:30 PM Comstock               William French, Graduate Trumpet Recital                                
3 Wednesday 7:00 PM Bird Bria Quinn, Junior Violin Recital 
3 Wednesday 8:30 PM Bird Kerwin Gonzalez Junior Violin Recital
4 Thursday 7:00 PM Comstock Nicholas Beeny, Graduate Conducting Recital
5 Friday 7:00 PM Comstock Sarah Givens, Senior Soprano Recital 
5 Friday 7:00 PM Bird Tim Springer, Graduate Jazz Piano Recital 
6 Saturday 11:30 AM  Comstock Jeffrey Hadfield, Graduate Conducting Recital 
6 Saturday 2:00 PM Comstock Jakob Giles, Graduate Classical Guitar Recital
6 Saturday 4:00 PM Comstock Abby Mires, Senior Soprano Recital
7 Sunday 2:00 PM Bird Thomas Putterbaugh, Senior Jazz Trumpet
7 Sunday 7:00 PM Bird Christian Olds, Senior Jazz Drumset
8 Monday 7:00 PM Comstock Max Greenwald, Graduate Classical Guitar Recital
8 Monday 8:30 PM Comstock Sean Small, Senior Trombone Recital
9 Tuesday 5:30 PM Bird Reese Johns, Student Piano Recital
10 Wednesday 7:00 PM Bird Anna Laverty , Violin (B.A Capstone)
10 Wednesday 8:30 PM Bird University Cello Studio Recital
12 Friday 7:00 PM Bird Will Doty, Senior Jazz Piano Recital
13 Saturday 1:00 PM Comstock Troy Sleeman, Senior Bass Baritone Recital
14 Sunday 2:00 PM Bird Tanner Morrison, Graduate Jazz Trumpet Recital
14 Sunday 5:00 PM Bird Tarrylton Dunn, Student Recital
14 Sunday 7:00 PM Bird Carter Nelson, Baritone BA Capstone
16 Tuesday 7:00 PM Bird Mia-Rose Lozado, Junior Violin Recital
16 Tuesday 8:30 PM Bird Nick Izor, Junior Trombone Recital
17 Wednesday 7:00 PM Comstock Emily Fischer, Graduate Violin Recital
17 Wednesday 8:30 PM Comstock J. Brayden Colbert, Saxophone and BA Capstone
18 Thursday 7:00 PM Bird Dayana Cedeno, Junior Violin Recital
18 Thursday 8:30 PM Bird Benjamin Meitzen, Senior Cello Recital 
19 Friday 7:00 PM Bird Jonathan Kaiser, Graduate Double Bass Recital 
19 Friday 7:00 PM Comstock Landon Vandergriff & Guillermo Alfara Junior Guitar Recital
19 Friday 8:30 PM Comstock Cody Coleman, Senior Trombone Recital
19 Friday 8:30 PM Bird Brendan Stock, Senior Cello Recital