Student Recitals

Student Recital listing

Please note we try our best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. All concerts are subject to change. 

We thank you for your support of our students and hope you enjoy your experience at the School of Music.  

Date             Day            Time             Location            Event                                                                    
10-23 Monday 8:00 PM Comstock Will French, Student Trumpet Recital
Date              Day            Time            Location            Event                                                       
11-19 Sunday 7:00 PM Bird Jared Andrews, Jazz Drumset (Graduate Recital)
Date             Day             Time            Location            Event                                                                    
12-1 Friday  7:00 PM Bird Louis Hoyt, Senior Jazz Trumpet Recital 
12-1 Friday  7:00 PM Comstock Nathan Jackson, Senior Tuba Recital 
12-1 Friday 8:30 PM Comstock Anetta Kendall, Student Trumpet Recital 
12-2 Saturday 2:00 PM Comstock Paige Strasel, Soprano (Graduate Recital)
12-2 Saturday 11:30 AM Comstock Marissa Keith, Senior Bassoon Recital 
12-2 Saturday  4:00 PM Comstock Adam Wilson, Student Trumpet Recital
12-3 Sunday 2:00 PM Comstock Christopher Woosley, Junior Horn Recital
12-3 Sunday 4:00 PM Comstock Kaitlyn Purcell, Senior Saxophone Recital 
12-3 Sunday 7:00 PM Bird Woodwind Quintet (Student Recital)