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School of Music Fall COVID-19 Preparation

The School of Music will be using this page to provide updates to our SOM family regarding plans and procedures about the upcoming fall semester. 

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Message 4 (8/11/2020)


The approaching school year is full of possibility!  We all understand our new normal, which includes mandatory face masks, physical distancing, and frequent hand washing.  We are alert and we know that there will be challenges and tough moments ahead.  But we will support one another as we address each challenge, learning a great deal about ourselves and about our many strengths along the way. Once we are beyond this difficult period in our history, we will have embraced creative, new ways of doing things.  We will have a deepened appreciation for the blessings we might have previously taken for granted, and we will have newfound deposits of courage that will serve us well into the future.   

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the staff and faculty who have worked tirelessly the entire summer to prepare for our return to teaching, learning, and music-making.  Our message is simple, but powerful:  We care about you.  The changes we are implementing to ensure COVID-19 compliance may seem burdensome and restrictive at first; please know that they are all expressions of care. 

We realize that this academic year brings with it many emotions, as well as some questions and uncertainties.  We are prepared to be as responsive as possible. 

  •  COVID-19 is an exhausting reality for all of us.  Let’s make space now for compassion and empathy.  Check on each other frequently.  Call, text, Instagram, Facetime, email and reach out to one another on a regular basis.  Send notes of encouragement and affirmation.  For all of our faculty, staff, and students, these expressions of care are extremely important right now. 
  •  The School of Music is supportive of students in need of schedule modifications in order to maximize health and safety.  Our advising staff stands ready to support students with such needs in ways that will ensure continued progress toward the degree.  Students should also approach their instructors regarding any desires related to remote learning.  We will support our faculty in their decisions to deliver pedagogically sound instruction in student-centered, versatile, and innovative ways.   
  •  Students in need of an off-site ensemble option should speak directly with the ensemble director for further information.  At the ensemble instructor’s discretion, meaningful and engaging remote learning and participation experiences can be arranged in cases where on-site participation presents a challenge. 
  • Normal building hours resume Wednesday, August 12th. Those hours are Monday through Friday, 7am—10pm; Saturday, 9am—6pm; and Sunday, 1pm—10pm.  Students will have Cardinal card access daily from 7am to midnight, and must vacate the building by 2am.  Faculty and staff will have 24-hour Cardinal card access.  Please follow directional floor signage, even if it means taking extra steps.  Please do not congregate in common areas or hallways; one to a practice room.  Please maintain physical distance of 6ft in all directions from the person nearest to you. 
  •  Please get tested for COVID-19 prior to the start of classes.  The link to register for testing is here: 
  •  Please complete the online COVID-19 training module prior to the start of the semester.  The University has already provided this information to all students, faculty, and staff. 


Let us take on the year with courage, creativity, alertness and optimism.  I believe that, together, we can ensure that there are zero cases of COVID-19 exposure among us.  As conditions evolve and information changes, we will make every effort to keep you updated.