The Bachelor of Music in Music History degree is especially suitable for students who have academic aspirations and are developing an interest in pursuing the study of music history at the graduate level. In addition to the music history sequence of courses required of all music major students, music history majors take additional seminars in areas of historical and critical study, and develop skills in (among other things) research methodologies. Research techniques and effective written/oral communication skills must be demonstrated by the development and presentation of a senior paper.

Course requirements for the BM in Music History

Students who are interested in areas such as the historical or cultural contexts of music but who do not wish to pursue a music history emphasis should consider the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Music, also offered by the School of Music. This is a more liberal arts-oriented degree, and affords an opportunity to pursue the study of music with more emphasis in a companion field than is possible in any of the Bachelor of Music degrees, including that in Music History. This degree is popular with students who want to continue in medicine, law, or some other area. It is also frequently taken in conjunction with a business degree of some kind.

Course requirements for the BA in Music