Jazz Outreach

Introduces America's Original Music to Children of All Ages

The University of Louisville School of Music's Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program is pleased to announce a new educational offering Jazz in the Schools.
The Jazz in the Schools program introduces students to the art of improvisation through the performance of America's own original music, jazz. Currently a pilot program with a target of ten middle school performances occurring during the fall of 2002, our goal is to establish a program which will be available to every school in the Louisville area, reaching students of all ages and backgrounds.

Concert / Demonstrations Teach Core Musical Concepts Through Active Participation
The concert/demonstrations are presented by a jazz combo comprised of graduate jazz majors under the direction of Ansyn Banks and Mike Tracy. All presentations are tailored to the needs and ages of the audience and focus on basic musical concepts, including melody, harmony, rhythm and form. Presentations range from 35 to 50 minutes in length (depending on grade level served) and include group and individual performance, discussion through examples, a question and answer period, and the collaborative creation of a musical piece.

Discovering America's Original Jazz Music
Students are introduced to the history of America and American music through live performances of works of varying styles. Selections include examples from dixieland, blues, swing, bebop, latin, rock, and free form. Comparisons and historical backgrounds are made of each style. Works by composers Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Horace Silver, John Coltrane, and Herbie Hancock are mixed with such diverse music as cartoon, movie, contemporary pop, and group originals.

Improvisations as a Way of Life
The group demonstrates how improvisation is part of everyone's life by comparing the process of creating music to language, science, and day to day communication. The group also demonstrates how unspoken communication is a vital element of group improvisation and interaction.

Students and Performers 'Jam' Together
The Jazz in the Schools ensemble continues by 'dissecting' a tune, demonstrating the specific function of each individual performer. During this segment various instrumental combinations are used to show how melody, harmony, and rhythm combine through improvisation to form a jazz piece. Finally, students are encouraged to assist in the creation of an improvised work.

KERA Ready
Handouts, study guides, and additional educational material are made available so that teachers may fully integrate the JAZZ IN THE SCHOOLS core concepts and examples into the classroom experience.
For additional information on Jazz in the Schools, please contact Ansyn Banks at 502 852 1858 or Mike Tracy at 502 852 6032.

Jazz in the Schools co-sponsored by The Louisville Jazz Society, Jefferson County Public Schools and The Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program.