The Division of Ensembles and Conducting delivers conducting instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. At the undergraduate level, music majors in Bachelor of Music degree tracks receive class instruction in conducting. MUS 359 is general in nature, while MUS 360 is divided into class sections with smaller student to teacher ratios, allowing each class to focus more specifically on either choral or instrument conducting as relevant to the student’s specific degree program. In addition to the two undergraduate courses that are offered (MUS 359 and MUS 360), some students earn the opportunity to continue their development through private lesson experiences.

Beginning with the Spring semester of 2009, undergraduate conducting will be offered during the student’s sophomore year. This is earlier in the collegiate experience than one might find in many other university programs, allowing our students to get a head start on the development of this important part of their comprehensive musicianship skills.

At the graduate level, the University of Louisville offers the Master of Music in Conducting. This degree features the opportunity for the advanced student to focus on choral, orchestral or wind conducting, based on their training, experience and likely career path. In this program, students work closely with their primary mentor teacher, gaining practical musical experiences in a variety of rehearsal and performance venues.

Prospective master's-level students are encouraged to contact the appropriate faculty member for specific audition requirements. For more information about the Master of Music program in Choral Conducting, email Dr. Kent E. Hatteberg . For Orchestral Conducting, email Professor Kimcherie Lloyd and for Wind Conducting, email Dr. Frederick Speck.

The School of Music offers graduate degrees in conducting:
Conducting (Applied Music Studies)

Master of Music in Performance - Concentration in Choral Conducting - 36 Hours
Master of Music in Performance - Concentration in Orchestral Conducting - 36 Hours
Master of Music in Performance - Concentration in Wind Conducting - 36 Hours