Our MissionUniversity of Louisville building notes

 The University of Louisville School of Music is committed to providing innovative musical leadership and to expanding its role as an outstanding cultural and educational resource for the university and community. Our programs reflect diversity, innovation, and creativity and a commitment to excellence throughout our artistic, educational, research, and professional activities. 

Our Goals

 The School of Music aspires to the following goals:

  • to provide students with educational experiences that will develop a high degree of artistry as emerging professionals in the chosen field of music study
  •  to provide students with a balanced set of musical and professional skills that will allow students to move seamlessly to subsequent levels of musical activities
  • to provide instruction that enables all students to make music activities an enduring part of their lives
  • to perform, promote, and develop understanding of music by living composers
  • to serve the university, community, and music profession through presentations of music performances, support for music education and therapy, and collaborations with other performing arts organizations
  • to advance the art of music globally through the work of faculty composers, performers, teachers, and researchers

Our Values

 Guiding our work are the following values:

  •  There is a shared responsibility among faculty, staff, administration, and students in achieving the vision of the school. 
  •  The school demonstrates balanced levels of quality in all program elements including:
        1.  Multiple measures of student satisfaction and success
        2. Strong retention and graduation rates
        3. Increasing numbers of students auditioning and an improving percentage of students who choose to attend U of L
        4. Improving student artistic and academic credentials for university work
        5. Graduates who are successful in entering quality graduate programs or as emerging professionals
  •  Activities of the school align themselves closely with the goals of the university.
  • Multiple areas of funding are pursued to support projects and programs of the school. Faculty, staff, and administration share in the responsibility to develop these resources.
  • Faculty research and creative activities have significance to U of L academic programs, the region, and the broader profession.
  • Faculty members seek participation and leadership roles in service to the music profession.
  • The school sponsors programs and events that are recognized and supported by the community.
  • Staff infrastructure is efficient and provides consistent levels of support for the instructional and artistic programs.
  • Faculty work assignments are equitable and balance assignments with expectations of productivity.
  • Faculty members are engaged in matters of school policy, governance, and curricula.
  • Faculty, staff, and administration are committed to a mutually supportive atmosphere, where diverse views and tolerance for differing opinions are respected, but there is no compromise in our commitment to excellence and the advancement of the interests of the school.


(Adopted by the School of Music Faculty with the latest revisions January 2016)