New Music Festival Nov 5-10, 2023

The School of Music at the University of Louisville is widely recognized for its commitment to the presentation of contemporary music. In keeping with this commitment, we are proud to present our Fall 2022 New Music Festival, Nov. 5-10. Premiered in 1998, the festival is forging an important tradition that highlights innovation and creativity, two hallmarks of our school’s mission. Past festivals have featured acclaimed composers and artists from around the world representing an exciting variety of styles, media, and techniques. This year’s festival will highlight works of guest composers: João Pedro Oliveira, Katie Balch, composers associated with Louisville Orchestra Creative Corps: Nkeiru Okoye, Tanner Porter, Alex Berko, Tyler Taylor, Baldwin Giang as well as works of UofL faculty and students. Guest ensemble Longleash Trio will read works of student composers and perform concert on Tuesday, Nov 7. Guests will work with students and faculty and will coach the ensembles, give masterclasses and presentations. 

This year’s lineup is:

  • Nov 5, 8pm, Speed Cinema : 70th Week / Multimedia Opera by João Pedro Oliveira
  • Nov, 6, 9am, Comstock Hall, Longleash Trio Student Composer Readings 
  • Nov 6, 8pm, Comstock Hall: Faculty Chamber Music and Choirs 
  • Nov 7, 8pm, Comstock Hall: Longleash Trio 
  • Nov 8: 8pm, Comstock Hall: UofL Computer and Electronic Music
  • Nov 9: 3-4pm, Percussion Ensemble and New Music Ensemble 
  • Nov 10: 8pm, Comstock Hall: UofL Orchestra, Choirs and Wind Ensemble
The New Music Festival is supported by the by the Jon Rieger Endowment for New Music at the University of Louisville.

Louisville Orchestra Creative Corps:
Now in its second year, the Louisville Orchestra Creators Corps is a new model for how composers can collaborate with a symphony orchestra in the 21st century. Each year, the LO invites three individual creators to move to Louisville and live in the Shelby Park neighborhood for one season. Throughout their residencies, they will compose new works to be performed by the LO, participate in educational and community engagement activities, and be active, engaged citizens of the neighborhood where they’ll reside. The three invited creators are active and conspicuous throughout the city -- acting as “artist-leaders” --- to develop meaningful relationships with neighborhood residents and embody the LO’s conviction that music is a fundamental part of civic life.