POETRY by Steadman

Here's one comin' now....
by Ralph Steadman

Each intimate battle
Is a kind of-
World War

Only a bit more

Smite not
What got
You into hot

Though, you oughta
Sorta sporta
Big moustache

Like Dali
But twice
As big

Then become an
Arstist- half-pissed
Unless you insist
On shackling
The wrist
You missed
The first
Time around

You have been
Sleeping cold
If I may be so
Beneath the

Whoever said
Poetry was
And generally
Keeping themselves away from wheezy
Wobbly old men
One called Ken
And one who said,
When are you
Going to write
A Haiku??

(Written by an Artist under duress in a state of undress- in a dress.)


Sodden beyond the wet of ordinary rain
I paused
Sat down and
Got up and
walked along

But that's not enough for the average man
The ones who know better
Do more that they can
They strive in the clutter
They moan and they mutter
Pull themselves up
And out of the gutter

Wrapped in a garment
They won in a raffle
They twist and they turn
Make money to burn
But answer the questions
Most others would baffle

Tipped for the Big Race
They are thoroughbred horses
Caught in the trap
They missed their vocation
But that's not the point
Their bodies are poised
To take on the struggle
And reach a destination

There's another poem



Ralph Steadman is a legend. A world-renowned cartoonist and painter, he has since made forays into poetry and music. He is widely known for his work with fellow conspirator and Louisville native Hunter S. Thompson, with whom he first collaborated at the 1970 Kentucky Derby. Steadman’s drawings contributed to the birth of GONZO journalism and his iconic images accompany such literary classics as Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, Animal Farm, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and others. A true activist and patron of the arts, he remains a friend and legend to the city of Louisville.