POETRY by Cooper Esteban Renner

Two Translations of Apollinaire
by Cooper Esteban Renner

after Apollinaire

I started this letter under a tent
My tent pole failed Wonder why it went
The evening exploded Metallic rain
Don't expect to see your soldier again


Trench song
after Apollinaire

While we're here far away
The girls are growing up
The pansies call The war's passé
They leave us step by step
A sudden mortar spray
Instead of dancing feet
Is all the dazzle we can see
Amnesia's complete
And nothing I can do but die
Will snare her dazzled eye

Cooper Esteban Renner publishes prose and art under the name Cooper Renner and poetry under the name Cooper Esteban. His graphic novel The Tommy Plans was published by Spuyten Duyvil in 2013, and Ravenna Press publishes his novella Disbelief, his poetry collection Mosefolket and his translation Chinese Checkers: Three Fictions by Mario Bellatin. Mother Naked, Dr Jesus and Mr Dead and other ebook novels are available from Barnes and Noble.com and Amazon. His website is cooperrenner.com