Language 4
(cardboard, shipping box, ink, shoe mold on wood panel; 18x18x5 inches)

Language 5
(cardboard, shipping box, ink, shoe mold on wood panel; 8x18x6 inches)

John Chang dreams in many worlds and brings back remnants. In his new works, people come and go; yet no one is seen. The migrators leave their shadows in the air and their marks on the sidewalks. Their words and echoes float through storms of sharp, black fragments flying in all directions. Chang's East/West identity enriches his memory and brings flashbacks from lives lived in many places. Regarding this series, the artist remarks, "I start to use all the shipping boxes, as core elements to build the pieces that capture the moment in our real life, even in solitude creativity continues. I honor and respect all persons regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation. The arts are a place where we can come together as one people."

JOHN CHANG was born and raised in Shanghai, China, but is now based in Southern California. Chang's works have been widely exhibited, including, Alexander Brest Museum at Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL. Fresh Paint Art Gallery, Culver City, CA. Palm Springs Art Museum, CA., COOS Art Museum, CA. Massillon Museum, OH. Chang’s work has been featured in diverse publications such as Pasadena Star-News, KTLA, and Art In America, Art Ltd. Chang’s work has also been collected by San Diego International Airport, San Diego Civic Art Collection, The Star Hotel, Sydney, Australia and Caesar Palace, Las Vegas. Regis Hotel (NY). National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan. Chang has an MFA in Visual Art from the College of Art and Design at Lesley University. He also gained a B.A., School of Art and Design, Shanghai Institute of Technology Shanghai, China. He also studied with the well known artists Xu Bing and Judith Barry.