History of the Brandeis Human Rights Advocacy Program

The Louisville Bar Foundation's Greenebaum Human Rights Fellowship was first created in the spring of 2014. The initial fellows were chosen for their interest in human rights advocacy and were awarded an admissions-based grant. They included Janet Lewis, Katherine Hall and Ben Potash.

Under the supervision of the program's co-founders, Professor Enid Trucios-Haynes and Professor Jamie Abrams, the initial work on the grant included an extensive needs assessment effort identifying ways in which the law school could be active in the community on human rights issues. The three original fellows spent the school year examining what services are being provided to the immigrant population in the City of Louisville. Their preliminary findings have been communicated to local service providers and at a Muhammad Ali Center event which was geared toward the local immigrant/refugee community.

The project continued into its second year under the umbrella of the Brandeis School of Law. Its scope was also broadened to include more research and service and was renamed the Brandeis Human Rights Advocacy Program to reflect such changes.