Placement Exam

A Placement exam is used to place students into the appropriate level of a language course. The exam may be taken in the following languages: Arabic, American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and SpanishIn order to be placed at the appropriate level, all students who have studied a second language in high school and wish to continue studying the same language are required to take the Placement Exam. To learn how to take the Placement exam, please get in touch with the appropriate contact person or follow the link for more details.

SPANISH HERITAGE LEARNERS: If you are a heritage learner of Spanish, please do NOT take the Placement exam. Follow the link to learn about the Spanish as a heritage language program and find out if you are a Spanish heritage learner. 



Placement Test

American Sign Language

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Chinese Placement Test
French WebCAPE Exam
German WebCAPE Exam
Japanese Placement Test
Latin University of Louisville Testing Services Center
Russian WebCAPE Exam
Spanish as a Second Language WebCAPE Exam
Spanish as a Heritage Language

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