Innovation and Growth

 We enhance your programs, implement systems, and provide expertise to help you grow your business and achieve your business goals. By augmenting your current team, we can help you identify, vet, and take advantage of opportunities to add to your top line.


Foundational Growth Management:

Growth Management System (GMS) is a framework for empowering workforce, developing solutions to pertinent problems, leveraging Rapid Decision Making for quick resolutions, and leveraging limited strategic resources. It’s a systematic approach to rapidly identify, vet, and implement opportunities, augmenting a company’s growth and development activities. Sustainable companies require processes in place for intentional growth. GMS satisfies that requirement.

Business Strategy:

Strategy is too important not to get right! In today's business climate, strategy is a collective function and requires a method to gather input across your team, if you hope to recognize opportunities and threats.

Business Development Research:

Business decisions need to be based on factual data points. Business growth is challenging enough without having intel and data to help with decisions. Regardless of if you need a full landscape marketing analysis, identification of new suppliers, undergo a Voice of customer (VoC), intellectual property (IP) data review, or simply need vetted business leads, KY-MEP has a research team trained on robust research methods and procedures.

Business Cohorts:

Business Cohorts bring groups of non-competitive manufacturers together, employing a systematic approach to ensure non-value-added-activities are removed in the development and commercialization of revenue ideas.. Business Cohorts create a peer-to-peer atmosphere in a public learning environment, intertwined with onsite, one-on-one customized coaching. This allows a balance of group learning and one-on-one private coaching while preserving their intellectual properties and privacy. Cohorts are grouped to like-minded and sized participating companies.

Marketing and Branding:

Developing a marketing strategy and choosing the right marketing channels is not easy. It usually involves digitization including websites, social media, videos, advertisements, search engine optimization, metrics, and tracking. KY-MEP specialists successfully lead clients in developing inbound and outbound strategies while reinforcing and/or developing your branding components.

Business Transitions/Acquisitions:

Business Acquisitions or Transitions can be an important part of a company's growth strategy. Companies need a reliable resource that understands their business development situation and growth goals. Effective business change requires planning, market and product research, financial analysis, due diligence, and risk analysis. Before you get to the what and how questions, the team should answer and agree on the why question. KY-MEP’s specialist helps business owners ask the correct questions and the correct time and ensures future goals and strategies are realized.

Financial KPIs:

KY-MEP’s Specialist helps senior management at manufacturers catalog, review, validate, and analyze, the hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly or annual financial information used to manage their company. With so much information at our fingertips, it is often hard to make sense of it all. Is your team getting the appropriate information to guide the business decisions? Does it support the companies Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Does your company have the right KPIs to enable them to make the best decisions? KY-MEP works with you, in confidence to ensure you are tracking correctly.


ExporTech™ program partners with the top exporting professionals and support cast in Kentucky, providing your company the support and resources needed to jump-start your international sales process, guide you in creating an export growth plan, and assist in your go-to-market implementation


KY-MEP's Cybersecurity Platform is designed to provide your company with the tools necessary to combat unwelcomed activities and safeguard your business assets. Regardless if its components or laying the full ground work for CMMC Level 2.0, Cybersecurity, and/or development of necessary documentation, KY-MEP Specialists will work with your team to implement what is needed.