Pre-Arrival Information


Preparing for your Visa Interview

Once you have received approval for an Exchange Visitor Program, a Form DS-2019 will be issued to you.

  • Review your UofL Form DS-2019 for accuracy (name must be identical to your passport).
  • Pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee.
  • Ensure your passport validity, passport should be valid at all times (six months into the future).
  • Make a Visa Appointment. For certain countries, a visa to the U.S. may not be required. However, the SEVIS I-901 Fee must be paid and you must travel with a Form DS-2019, I-901 SEVIS receipt, and proof of financials.
  • Prepare and go for the Visa Interview.

After the Visa Interview

  • Review your visa for accuracy (information must be identical to your passport and Form DS-2019).
  • Make airline reservations and travel arrangements. Plan to arrive a week earlier than what is listed on your Form DS-2019 in order to attend any orientation from your department and to find suitable housing. (You may arrive in the U.S. no earlier than 30 days before the program start date on your Form DS-2019)

Make Housing Arrangements

***Off-Campus Housing***: Please understand that once you sign a lease, you are in a binding legal contract. Please DO NOT sign any lease or agreements until you are certain about leasing the property. Additionally, do not make more than one accommodation arrangement concurrently. If you choose to live off-campus, please highly consider an Affiliated Housing through UofL.

  • If you rent or lease a property, it is recommended that you purchase a renters insurance policy.

Airport Pick-Up Options 

Louisville International Airport is approximately 8 miles/13 kilometers from campus. To better assist in facilitating your arrival, please click on the following website for more information on transportation from the airport. There are options such as a taxi or a Uber ride from the airport to campus costing approximately $20.

New exchange visitors arriving in Louisville, KY may request an airport pick-up to campus only. Click here to request airport arrival assistance. 

If you need any other assistance with travel from the airport to campus, please email the ISSS service account. 

University Account (Ulink) 

Create a ULink to make a password for your University accounts. (To obtain instructions to sponsor an unpaid exchange visitor or non-registered student for a University computer account, click here).

Always Hand-Carry Your Important Documents!

Keep the following documents on you at all times during your travel: passport, visa, Form DS-2019, and the offer letter from your department. Keep copies of your documents in a separate location. You should also pack a change of clothes in a carry-on in case your luggage is misplaced or even lost by the airlines. 


It is recommended before departing for the United States, that you obtain your immunization records for BCG a vaccine for Tuberculosis (TB) (if applicable), smallpox, tetanus/diphtheria, typhoid, measles, mumps, rubella, oral polio, and a history of any positive TB skin testing. This will help you if you need medical care while in the United States. You may also wish to bring copies of your medical records with you in case you are hospitalized or need medical treatment while you are in the United States. If you are on medication, be sure to bring an adequate supply with you. You can find more information about immunizations at the following website.

Pack for Warm and Cold Weather

Louisville has a four season climate. Bring appropriate winter clothing, as the temperature in Louisville can drop below 10 degrees Celsius, and summer temperatures average around 37 degrees Celsius. Dress for class is casual. However, you may want to bring a few formal outfits for special events or traditional clothes for international celebrations.  

Upon Arrival

Check-In Procedure

Visa Issues

1. What if my visa is denied? 

Please notify International Student & Scholar Services if your visa is denied or you have decided not to attend UofL. Regrettably, we are unable to reverse a visa denial. If you wish to defer admission, you must first get permission from your department.

2. What if my visa arrives after my start date listed on my DS-2019? 

You must first receive permission from your department to arrive after the start of your program. Please contact your department. Upon approval, an updated DS-2019 will be issued.

3. What if my visa expires after I enter the United States?

A visa is only a permission to enter the United States. When you enter the United States on a J-1 Visa, you will usually be admitted for the duration of your Exchange Visitor status. That means, you may stay as long as you are maintaining your status as a J-1 Visa holder, even if the visa in your passport expires while you are in the United States. A J-1 Exchange Visitor must depart within the 30 days grace period upon their program completion regardless of what is listed on your Form DS-2019. Please maintain contact with the International Student and Scholar Services for questions or concerns.